Curly doesn’t attend band practice and Dennis finds out that this is because of a plan by Walter to sabotage the Dinmakers, involving a collectible series. When Dennis finds out that the school will have a cookie sale he isn’t bothered , but when it’s found out that the person with the most boxes of cookie sold will get a prize Dennis, Curly, Pie Face and Angel face must make sure that they get the prize and Walter doesn’t. To have Dennis be nice to him, Walter disguises as fortune teller Madam Gigi to warn Dennis that if Walter gets hurt, he “will get his just dessert. Grizzly is so afraid that Dennis must disguise himself as his hero and go in his place! The gang try to find Professor Screwtop a girlfriend. Walter won’t let this happen and challenges him to a prank battle to win Ralf’s book of pranking – the infamous Prankypedia. Dennis is determined to win beanotown , a go-kart race around town with no rules.

The full list of episodes has been released: Based on the original comic strips from The Beano , it features the adventures of the rebellious schoolboy Dennis the Menace and his dog Gnasher. Dennis’ ultimate hero, Grizzly Griller, plans on trekking to the source of the River Beano, broadcasting the treacherous path on live TV. Dennis accidentally sends Gnasher caveering in a shopping trolley and ruins the poster for Claudius the Musical. Time for the menaces to get their election game faces on. A number of changes have been made to the original format compared to the comics and previous television series.

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When the gang’s sausages go missing, Gnasher realises he’s being set up by Clawdia. Rubi suspects her bcbc to Science Genius Summer Camp isn’t what it seems when she finds her inventions being used for evil Gnasher accidentally gulps down Dennis’ permission slip for the school trip!

Dennis goes to the fair with his friends and Bea, but the owners of the fair are spoiling their fun due to last cennis events, especially the bouncy castle operator. The gang ask her to join The Dinmakers – hoping she’ll swap a life in the kitchen for fame.


Dennis tries to help dad with the work and save his job from Walter after an accident. Can Dennis pull off the ultimate trick to save the skatepark? He also got his catapult and peashooter back and uses them directly at them.

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However, during an accident, both robots merge, causing Dennis and Walter to defend the school. Needing money to pay a damage debt, the Menaces reason gnashher the best way to raise funds is to do a car wash, which is harder than it seems – but where there’s a Menace, there’s always a way.

Can Dennis and the gang help professor Screwtop to save Beanotown from its biggest threat – himself?! What’s gnasheg Walter’s Safe? The sixth book The Great Escape was released on 4 February However, when Walter finds them, he thinks he’s uncovered a new dinosaur.

But this isn’t easy for him. Dennis and Walter must overcome their differences and work together to outsmart her Can You Quick Draw Dennis?

And what does ‘earn your stripes’ mean? During a gnashed holiday, Dennis, Gnasher and Dad meet Terry Tuff and get challenged to a nature survivor’s challenge, ending with a race to the summit of Mount Beano. There’s a new computer system which keeps data for the school which works using a memory stick. But Gran wants to set a new record, gnadher the two compete, chasing havoc all over town. Triumphantly, they return the next day to find Creecher once again their teacher.

Dennis spreads the word around Beanotown that he is planning the ultimate prank. Dennis is desperate to get the sweet back and takes his friends on an adventure to the school’s ‘Confiscatorium’, a secret place where all confiscated goods are hidden in the depths of Bash Gmasher School.


Dennis makes a line of practical jokes for Mr.

After a pogo-stick incident in gym class, Mrs. Dennis tries to get a first aid badge to get into a wrestling match. Gnasher digs up a Gnashersaurus Rex thighbone in the park.

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Dad takes Dennis to his school reunion party, in an attempt to teach him to behave grownup, but it doesn’t go as planned when Walter’s dad renews abd rivalry with Dad. Dennis gives up fame and Gnasher becomes the star, and Dennis apologises to his friends. Can You Quick Draw Walter? Images of the characters and production were featured in The Beano ‘s 70 year anniversary. Views Read Edit View history.

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Dennis borrows his Dad’s new hair restorer to use as ammo in his super soaker for a typical day of pranking at the Zoo and ends up turning the whole town into one big, bad hair day – including Dad! Retrieved from ” https: The gang go on an adventure in search of the Beanotown Yeti. Dennis accidentally clones himself and uses his new clone to do all his chores. Retrieved November 23, However, after unleashing Olive’s inner diva, their new mission is how to get Olive back into the kitchen!

Dennis hears a pest exterminator is inspecting the school and decides to have a little fun, menacing up a highly convincing Giant Ant costume for Gnasher – so convincing, in fact, that the exterminator shuts down the school for a whole day! Dennis’ parents hire Nanny Moonbeam, a hippy who has an unusual and peaceful way of curing Dennis’ bad behaviour.

Dennis accidentally sends Gnasher caveering in a shopping trolley and ruins the poster for Claudius the Musical.