Fandom is not the center of the universe or the market. Joe over here, and you play with yours over there. Video game animal ships: If you think about it, Disney hasn’t had that many redheaded couples and there’s a mystique between a mermaid girl and a magical, immortal boy together. But, better to be a big fish in a small pond? That is your choice, and I am sure that many corporations would agree with you. And here is one such example. That whole alternate universe POD Star Wars fanfic for sale on Amazon attempt proves there are those out there that if they believe they can do something they will try.

I have a theory of how I feel the series should end. Please, do not repost my edits without tagging me. What you are proposing is to take something unique that someone has invested a lot of time and effort into creating ie. Because no matter how much control you are afforded over the public presentation of your work, or what legal rights you have, once you release something to the public you no longer own it completely. Seperis — it is hard to understand, because most people who do something solely for the love of doing something, and have to work to pay the bills would want to be able to combine the two. And yes, some fan art does exist. Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?

And both shows have Steven Moffat as the head writer. And how far would such protection go?

I believe that it may be within the realm of fair use to, for example, use Tolkeins elvish lore and language for an original novel. There is something… very wrong, about the claim many people currently make, that critiques are more legally acceptable than compliments, that insults are more acceptable than praise. In fact, it pokes at several of the basic premises of the show, rotates it, and looks at twenty-four years of canon from an entirely different perspective.


And yes, while those parents are almost too stupid to breathe and walk at the same time, should Rowling have to deal with the aftermath?

Not homoerotic, just practical. When you factor in Non Linear Sequels like the Final Fantasy series that have multiple continuities, series with a multiverse and even official Massive Multiplayer Crossover franchises like Super Smash Bros.

It helps that Cherry is canonically bisexual. She latched on to him because he was protective of her, he latched onto her because she reminded him of Sera. Scans Daily ships it. The Strange Case of Dr. Writing is still writing and takes much effort.

Let’s Get Transformative

However, only Damien and Dream become canon with most others becoming sunk or not going anywhere. Going by boxing weight classes, this makes him a Conab Heavyweight and her a Super Middleweight.

This was followed three hours later, by a Vegas divorce. Did someone mention Othello? I write because I love to write; I post to interact and participate in my community.

Whether a woman is or is not capable of taking a punch is the result of more factors than what the average mass-to-muscle ratio of adult women is. On a private mailing list? Selling cough syrup to kids in single doses? Morrigan’s stabbing Deadpool in the ass with her tentacles and Chris Redfield Resident Evil performing a Diving Save to prevent Morrigan from falling to deetctive death after Iron Man gets a sneak attack in on her.

This level of maturity in serious discussions is a large part of why I keep coming back to Whatever. They have a daughter named Cynthia.

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I feel quite proprietary about some other authors characters and I get very irritated when they screw them up, movke ignore them or whatnot; and yes, I know I am admitting to that same implied insult I was talking about before. I was probably not clear enough. I have an excellent job, that I love, that pays me quite well, to the effect that I very possibly love coming to work as much as other people like going on vacation.


The OTW is, in part, intended to be a mechanism to argue for the legitimacy of these practices. The name of the ship is Frostdragons. I doubt many people would call that immoral. In that case, you take what you get, be it a dented fender or an icky deyective piece.

The OTW does not at all oppose the derivative works right that allows copyright owners to authorize a mass-market film adaptation, for instance, or allows Anne McCaffrey to authorize Todd and not somebody else to commercially publish Pern sequels. And really, we do think and talk about this stuff— endlesslyin fact. DeviantArt people, ship Jon and Wario! Chances are one might see Pinkie Pie paired with Loki. I like your idea in this paragraph: I want to amuse and move and surprise my friends, stretch my writing muscles, and participate in the media-fandom community.

How is an interpretation of a character somehow the same as an intent to insult an author? An age-appropriate crossover pairing with Coraline is with Norman.