Pure out and out fluff! If I may say something, I would say Taani is being selfish here. Read out to know More! Sharon thinks it will clash with D3 team and brings that up as well. Not when your against the dazzlers. Yea sure, she has the right to have her boyfriend to herself.

They go to meet as Taani has called them all for an annoucement. Taani is told to go out by Swayam and Rey tells Swayam as a typical Indian brother, he is not okay with him coming to meet his sister, Taani at this late in the night. Rey apologizes understanding why. All Good Things by ariahera reviews Here is my take on what would happen after the confession between Kria and Reyaansh. Rey, as a boyfriend, supports Taani. Yea sure, she has the right to have her boyfriend to herself. After a series of fight, TaaRey and SwaRon find themselves falling for each other. Therefore, naturally, everyone would and should feel more for the team.

Friends, Sisters, Weirdos 1: If so how wil they confess? But this time, there is no sense. Rey apologizes understanding why. Just In All Stories: Not when your compelled to create your own group. Captive by DarkRoseShadow reviews Series of loosely related OSs following the encounters of an intelligence officer and her criminal ex.

Here’s your dosage of Kria and Reyaansh for the special day. What happens when the past shows up continuously? It was always there. But will losing her finally cause them to realize that there’s more to their uptight GS that they could ever imagine?

And few minutes ago, she was telling Sharon that college was important. Pure out and out fluff! It happens in the moment.


Have a yummy birthday. Follow them as they join a new college in which segregation is the base. Sharon puts aside his conflict by pointing out that he too has came in the middle of the night to her house and if she too had a brother… He understands, eases up and thanks her. Like 0 Dislike 0. Log In Welcome, Login to your account.

He asks them who the captain will be as they are going as a team, not Dazzlers and Weaklings. So this series will consist of disjointed One-Shots, which will each be inspired and written on the songs of this film.

Nahi Ruk Rahe Taani Ke Aansu!! – D3 Dil Dosti Dance – 17th Nov – video dailymotion

So when he does give her time, she says this? He taunts dkl finally she notices him! Sharon thinks it will clash with D3 team and brings that up as well.

While the D3 team is their career, like Sharon pointed out. It’s ’bout the group who started their lives with a new go after the actual show ended. Seeing Swayam, they immediately spring apart. Ashiqui Series by tawni reviews As I have dznce hearing the songs of Ashiqui 2, I have felt almost connected and insanely inspired by them.

But she’s going to leave; he doesn’t want her to. Also, I suck at summaries. Taani leaves with this tantrum and Rey remembers all the time when he gave priority to friends and team over her.

If he becomes team captain as well, will he be able to give any time for her?

Do they feel anything beyond d friendship? On Mar 21, Incandescence reviews How it changes, when he puts himself yaani the bar, Almost emaciated, broken just because he couldn’t understand why she left. Outside, Rey stops Taani. She knew he was loved and she had accepted him that way. Nothing is ever truly fixed. Things even change between the girl’s best and only friend and the boy’s idl. But even before they had met [first time], she knew the person Rey was!


It’s the continuation after the actual show Not when you decide to put an end to segregation, and definitely not when you discover the true meaning of Love!

He should have seen the problems in the points Taani was making as well. Kria and Rey meet each other purely by accident but can accident turn into something life long? Follow a journey of self- discoveries, heartbreak, joy, loyalty, betrayals, and trust.

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Until they fall for the same guy. Sign in Recover your password. But for this bigger team, we do and it should be Rey. But you can always see the cracks. Dil Dosti Dushmani by Ash.

I originally posted this on another site, but more details are inside Rated: I have never been taqni mad at Taani ever before as I am today. Hope everytime I mention a song, you plug into it. College life can never be boring. Once he leaves, Swayam tells Taani to go in and sleep instead of looking down with tears in her eyes.