When she finds samrat, she slaps him tight across the face, knocking the winds out of his lungs. And the a good licking for him. Sign in Recover your password. Sign in Recover your password. He says that trisha wont but he would apologise to trisha and asks him if he would. PG 8th Apr – 1:

They are all shocked to find her in a track suit. Shashi says that she doesnt have time for such discussion forums. This is bullshit,even if Urmi has to save her son by giving birth to another child of the same father,why dont they use another way? It was never one of my favourite shows from the beginning as there was too much crap done against women. Dis is getting very disgusting n samrat n damani need to be taught a lesson. He is so low. He says that he is tensed wondering if samrat shall agree. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Damini asks him to finish his breakfast and then the maid shall make it. Urmi is tensed too. Dis is getting very disgusting n samrat n damani need to be taught a lesson. Ok, guys writers I tink r not dumb. Samrat is in a rage, as he lashes out at urmi, asking her how could she even think of doing something like that, and tells everyone that she isnt the goddess that everyone claims that she is but instead she is an evil soul, as a woman could never think of doing something like this, that she so shamelessly conducted and again asks her how being a woman, she could do something like this.

Trisha says that when dear ones are concerned everything changes and cancels the phone. Sh says that they should know each other better, before taking the most improtant descision of their lives, and hence they should focus right now on wrktten careers.


He asks that urmi should have some control, or shouldnt come at the breakfast table atleast. Asha 8th Apr – 1: He asks her to spill the truth and if he is going to die. She sdays that there could be several reasons, and that BP is the biggest problem in pregnancy and should be closely monitores.

The servant, mukti comes in with a package. Jogging ground Makhan and rashmi are jogging around, when she tired and goes to sit for a while. Shashi offers to get the pics removed. Damini meanwhile continuously instigates tani, who is unconvinced that samrat would have the guts to betray her, and that urmi wont be able to convince him.

Log In Welcome, Login to your account. With in vitro fertilization there is no need for them to sleep together! He begins to praise her for her beauty, and after showing her the pics, he starts showing her the dreams of making it big in the glamour world, saying that she just needs some grooming, and that if she comes to mumbai, she would definitely become an actress.

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Gaurav is tensed, while rashmi is overexcited. Log In Welcome, Login to your account.

This story is now very disgusting. Dias definitely some1 behind it. Buaji asks him to call and find out. They wonder urmi screams at him, and then rushes to the rooftop to meet him.

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Welcome, Login to your account. Fill in your armaahon below or click an icon to log in: Then he surely will not eoisode Urmi, just out of anger and frustration.

He says that she is right, as her career is paramount for him too, and that he would never come in the way for her career and success, as she has the potential to change the way society thinks, and he would always be by her side, as she finds her dreams fulfilling.


Shaurya asks urmi if he is going to die. Urmi says that she is innocent and hasnt done any mistake, hence wont apologise too.

The doctor says that everything else is fine. They leave, while saroj continues to cry. He says that he isnt dead yet and that his son would be like him.

He is amused at her irritation. Urmi should not have just slapped him but knock his backside out with a golf racket. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. But then determinedly says that she hasnt decided to get married now, as her life has just started, and that she chas reached this destination after much struggle.

Urmi and kanchan come down. He however enjoys it, saying that he is doing what she wants. Trisha and urmi are waiting, where trisha calls sritten up to ask when he is coming. They are all shocked to find her in a track suit. She sees damini and says that samrat said that he shall decide and then say about his decision.