After a third I taste dry wood, herbs and some burned walnut. If this was another brand perhaps it would sell better? Would I buy this cigar again? So it seems appropriate to me that I keep the filler in this short, and get to smoking. Because the wrapper is so light, I am forced to clip the cap a couple times so as to avoid you seeing my drool. There are two series, the SF and the H.

To my pleasant surprise, this cigar offers up a wonderful creamy medium bodied smoke with none of the in-your-face pepper. This site uses cookies. The char line stopped misbehaving completely and is perfect. I think I performed a public service. It is taking me shots to get one I can use. Yes, these sticks are dirt cheap and quite nice.

Don Pepin Garcia Tabacos Baez Serie H | Cheap Humidors

Tabxcos should give it a try, very tasty. After half an inch the main flavor is wood with some herbs and something mild sweet. However the name is a little misleading. It is taking me shots to get one I can use. The triple cap is perfect. Leave a Comment Click here to cancel reply. Nicaraguan Cuban Seed Filler: Joseph Aja mango2kw says: My FatherTabacos Baezpepln. Halfway the chocolate makes a return, but just faint and for a little time only.

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I will just sit here and scratch my ass in between writing. It may be hard to find but it is worth the effort. It is a lemony citrus. To find out more, including how to control pepjn, see here: Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses cookies.


If this was another brand perhaps it would sell better? The Price What a great price for a cigar! Being the asshole that I am, I haphazardly skimmed over the review and whiffed on catching the author actually mentioning the word sandwich in reference to these. I think they are a good smoke, especially at the price point, and outperform almost all comparably priced cigars.

Halfway the flavors slowly change to herbs and an earthy flavor. I think I performed a public service. I would say this is a full flavored cigar with a medium to full body. Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust. The aftertaste is mild herbal. Lol jk my man.

You know both are good, but I think I like the corona more. And the spiciness has kept on an upward trajectory from the start. Although not complex I agree they are nice.

Don Pepin Garcia Tabacos Baez Serie H

What are they like 3 bux a stick on average with a box purchase? I finally decided to grab a few bottles and see what it was all about. I thought it was in the top 5 of all cigars in our shop, which was a Davidoff White Label Merchant, also with a hefty Fuente account. If you are on a budget as I am you can do far, far worse.


The wrapper is mottled and looks like a polished red wood coffee table. Most Garcia cigars are ready to go after just a few weeks. Oily and very smooth. But this seems old school to me.

Stogie Links Follow stogiereview. The sun is so bright that it is washing out the cigar band. The line is only available in 3 vitolas all at just about the same ring gauge.

I taste a g coffee flavor with lots of earth flavor and a hint of chocolate. Love the Serie SF for what it is, though.

Tabacos Baez Serie H by My Father Cigars | Cigar Review

Would I buy this cigar again? There is a real bite to this cigar. You may also like Yeah, I smoked it too green. Twitter Viaje Platino Lancero cigarguideorg. Thats my two cents.

And the bite I mentioned earlier has disappeared.