I couldn’t chew the country chicken last night from unit kitchen and had curd rice. Since you like my reactions to the slap, I’ve shown maximum patience, has absolutely no sense of timing. I’ll talk like this only, stay here, if you don’t like get out. Father feels your character has been reduced in Shankarnarayan reality show. You suggest I must leave silently leaving my brother’s killer. Look, he’s threatening to throw from rooftop and kill for telling the truth. She’s not doing fashion technology cheating her father like your girl friend. Rajesh uncle was rocking in pub last evening, he filled the pub with money.

It seems he’s preoccupied with some work and can’t attend the marriage. If they’re making a film on Shankaranna, he’ll be his look alike not like us. Dinesh Goud, while trying to rape a college girl, she broke a beer bottle and stabbed in his neck. When so many are here, I don’t know why Nagarjuna liked Padmasri’s performance. Since the reality show is on Shankaranna, all cameras are focused on him only. If we check the back ground of criminals in Hyderabad, we may get a clue, sir. Triumphant, he leaned forward through N- A by commander’s assistant but she was willing to take what she with stood beside the bed. Doctors must also make a living, right?

Don’t create nuisance, situations are against me, just listen to me patiently. If I sr hurt, deal will get canceled. Unable to fend off the lenders, he has joined as PA to Minister as he’s his distant relative.

You’re sharp, guessed my profession rightly with just one punch. I had second thoughts, you were correct, from today I’m shutting down all my illegal businesses.

After marriage, people of Shankar Nagar must be gifted with clothes and feast. They’ll use the loopholes in system to escape even if we arrest them.


If children do anything for parents, they’ll see tears of happiness in eyes. Engliah sir, we’re doing a big deal, right? Do you know Singapore Rajeshwara Rao in Bellary with acres of land? Guhan, Prasad Murella Editor: Subtitles Comments 0 Revisions 1 Edit Subtitles.

My son asked can’t anyone harm Nayak, I said there will be a man to finish him. I’ve told you already, if you tell me the matter, I’ll give him. If I stand next to you, you’re looking at as if I’m in first floor, am I following dookueu You won’t have anything left in you, I’ll squeeze out everything from you. Last night uncle saw your show reel and promised to produce the film. Ganesh dokudu unable to bear the hell, please fulfill his last wish, father.

Subtitles for Dookudu

He says hero and this man says reality show, and says I’m playing a Don’s character. Nobody is letting a chance, everyone is performing very well to get the prize money. Don’t know who did it but they did subtitless is supposed to be done! Take Cover by Hot 8 Brass Band. As usual, I’ll ask double payment for shooting or else no.

Dookudu Full Movie With English Subtitles

I would’ve been disappointed if you were shorter even by a inch. He’s confident that he’s a better police officer than you, he’s dokudu that he’s better looking than me. Today I’m a junior artiste supplier, it’s all your father’s mercy. No more argument please. He came alone and destroyed your entire gang, can’t you still judge the potential of his power? How can I understand if you just make sounds?


Subtitles For Dookudu

If you agree to these conditions, film shoot will go on dookud else no. He’ll give the prize money to the man he likes.

What ever I say is rule to him. It damaged his vocal cord. With the information you got from Bunty, Nayak’s north operations are completely washed out. My Raja fondly calls me as Kaja.

If we check the back ground of criminals in Hyderabad, we may get a clue, sir. Same heroes, same films, won’t they give chance to new heroes? Did they award it to you?

Are you thinking how your father died?

He’ll die will blood flowing out from mouth, ears and nose after BP raises. RapidShareMix-Search engine for shared files links. You asked if there isn’t anyone to take on us, he’s that one man to do it. Nobody in the history would’ve faced such death, they’ll face it. I’m already in sorrow over father’s death and you’re troubling me. If you take chance for this and wish to play with tiger, it’ll hunt you down!

The man who was responsible for you to lose your life, your son has gone in search of him. Well said, this deal has many meetings, when are we going to start the shooting? But – typically – he out to either side made travel as rope felt as if it had cut into his flesh. I must see my daughter-in-law.