Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. He caught Black off guard. Each new scene — despite the anime involving everyone from writers to storyboard artists to animators to directors — must be brought into line with an unyielding interpretation; everything is a codified statement about who’s stronger than whom. But as I said in the beginning, some people are affected so much that small discrepancies ruin the story for them. Other than the whole Kamehameha thing, I think it comes more from how long Trunks seemed to keep up with Black after engaging him. Have you seen what happens there, in discussions under such a list? Leading to there literally not being a substantial objective answer, because there is literally a contradiction somewhere down the line.

Black’s Kamehameha could’ve just been strong enough to immobilize Goku. The whole series is basically about getting stronger, surpassing the next big bad guy. I wouldn’t mind some sort of revised god-tier BP system that resets and goes from 1 in Now I’m kind of a power levels guy myself — the mechanics of these battles fascinate me and I enjoy making number lists as a form of fan-work. It can have errors and theatrical elements and still mostly cohere. Scaling based of Feats and statements is the inly way you can scale Dragonball accurately.

I hate how large blocks of text look on Reddit. Don’t be needlessly antagonistic or confrontational. Another PL video By the way i forgot the songs 1. Back in the original Dragon Ball days, I’d agree that it’s detracting from the focus of the story.

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Super has start to differentiate from the norm with Hit’s timeskip, Botamo etc. Another thing is, in DB the heroes all have the same power-set, everything is done by manipulating KI so comparison is easier in-universe, than in lets say MARVEL where there are many different powers and abilities. So that’s another mark of his devotion to consistency.

Back in Dragon Ball, the fact that the Dodonpa had the force of a Kamehameha with the added benefit of no charge time was a game changer to the cast at the time.


It’s easy to quantify numbers in the thousands or even low millions, but with how big the SS multipliers ended up becoming, it makes sense why they abandoned it. However I movif this is partly Toriyamas fault for making a few select characters seem untouchable compared to others, so when they DO get hurt by someone vegito1098 it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Personally, I only care about BP as a puzzle of sorts.

Vegito Power Levels DragonballZ – Лучшие приколы. Самое прикольное смешное видео!

My DB love actually predates my WoT love. It took 8 levelss to render this thing and 4 hours to just upload it. Becoming that inflexible about displays of power can undermine your ability to enjoy a story that is mostly fine. Due to fake the Toei account successfully blocking my power level videos vegiti1089, I have decided to just re-upload them.

It worked for Dragon Ball, but that was because it was the very beginning and characters were much closer in strength. Vegito Power lvls Janemba and Hildegarn Reborn!

Vegito1089 Power Levels DragonballZ

With the gaps in their power, you’d kind of think that the sword would have shattered on impact. But now in Super, nothing makes sense anymore. I’ve been with db since birth yaknowwhatimsayn,like i need to look and i’ll post a picture when i was born where they covered me with a dragon ball flag. These are the main characters and they have been traning and fighting for their entire lives.

After that Gegito1089 only read it a few more times before I reached peak saturation. Dragon Ball is an action series, so the strengths of the characters and how they compare to each other are obviously a big part of it, but still just one part nonetheless.

Superman totally and ridiculously outclasses Goku though until universe-shattering punch became a thing, any way. If they don’t all line up, suddenly nothing makes sense! I’ll just say it. I don’t think the attack was nearly full power. I made a typo on Frieza and Frost. Along with all poeer specials that year.

I genuinely bqll enjoyment in that kind of stuff so its a shame to see that its so frowned upon. It’s disingenuous to blame strength debates on impetuous fans when the actual root cause is inconsistent writing in the series.


And moviie that Dragon Ball is all about knowing who’s stronger, it ruins the series, or at least it has for me. DDark – Shootin Stars Beats I feel like most of them could be resolved forever if an authoritative source simple wrote well composed opinion pieces on the topics. Of course, you guys at Kanzenshuu can decide how much time you want to devote to chronicling the evidence this way and that, but this fandom in particular is always going to be obsessed with power levels, and there is only so much you can do to divert discussion in other directions like the moratorium on vs threads here.

Dragonball Z Power Levels- Movie 12 Fusion Reborn – video dailymotion

Get ready to perfect your ultra instinct, and let us vegjto1089 what your favourite battles and scenes in the show are in the comments below!

Fanart and cosplay must be image submissions, and the artist s must be credited in the title. Dragon Ball Super Power Levels are all fan made and original, based on official power levels from the databooks, manga, anime and the daizenshuu Balp think it hurts the fandom, its partly Toriyamas fault however some comparisons can spark really interesting conversations.

It’s been interesting to speculate on what’s been going on behind the scenes and what the actual intent is with regards to relative power. So all of a sudden I found it very moviie, and I spent a great deal of time over the next couple of weeks making a detailed list of power rankings.

It’s not just martial arts anime, though.