A few notes on the literature of modern national theatre in Indonesia The body of academic literature on Indonesian modern national theatre is rather small and, although a few publications on current developments in theatre have been published since , the majority of works centre on theatre performances in Java. Many aspire to be recognised far beyond the national boundaries of the countries they were born into. Opera Melayu performances can be roughly defined as realistic psychological plays with musical intervals. Suon Bun Rith notes that, in Indonesia, art springs from community: Setidaknya hal itu telah coba dirancang Fabio dengan menulis teks drama Menikam Jejak. Plays which were granted permission to perform in smaller, remote areas would not have the same luck in Jakarta. Pages Beranda Tentang Kontak.

In many ways, this meant crushing his enemies and establishing an authoritarian system. Verry Handayani in her role as Supi, throwing money into the air. However, political consciousness is often linked to education and as Virginia Matheson Hooker and Howard Dick note, the confidence, knowledge, and experience of the urban middle class made dissident members into active participants in public arenas, such as the press, education and non-governmental organizations, addressing concerns about the present and future direction of Indonesian society 2. It took the Indonesians four years of revolution before the Dutch, under severe international pressure especially from the USA , finally capitulated. Human rights, violence and theatre According to Matthew I.

For instance, Ratna Sarumpaet, together with her theatre group Satu Merah Panggung, commented on the Marsinah9 labour rights case. Para pemain melakukan eksplorasi dengan ban bekas dalam latihan Menikam Jejak Menyikapi Benda-Benda sebagai Kerangka Dramaturgi Hal yang menarik ialah bahwa sejak memasuki proses latihan, sekitar tiga bulan lalu Maret bapa, Fabio Yuda memilih ban bekas sebagai properti satu-satunya dalam pementasan Menikam Jejak.

Cerita dari Rantau Sum: In this chapter, I argue that performances can serve as alternative sites of memory. Southeast Chinese opera had also been immensely popular among Chinese settlers of the archipelago since the 18th century.

These genres often feed off each other and sometimes compete against each other as well. B.zularto, while both theatre and actors were occupied with their inner development, theatre would b.sulartoo have any influence on the wider Indonesian public.

Dance Modern dance is arguably one of the most vibrant and progressive contemporary art forms b.ularto Indonesia at present. A programme to reach this target was set up soon afterward. As mentioned in the first volume of The Lontar Anthology of Indonesian Drama, in nineteenth-century Chinatowns in Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan, Chinese opera was staged in both permanent and temporary theatres.

It can be characterized as Faust, an expert on knowledge Goethewho sacrifices his soul to dominate the body. The opening of the Taman Ismail Marzuki TIM in offered theatre practitioners a place where they were free to try out new forms and aesthetics of theatre.

Performances in western Indonesian public theatres attracted ethnically mixed audiences, similar to those for komedi stambul, as the Chinese performers often used Malay language.


Tapi Fabio punya alas an atas pilihannya ini. The project aimed to dismantle bureaucratic structures. Inthe troupe for the first time performed a social drama within a contemporary setting Secrets of Semarang by day and night.

This is also true for many of the Indonesian performances discussed in this thesis. Theatre practitioners were much more involved in issues of individual identity than political state affairs, although their work was subversive and 74 dissident in a more subtle sense.

Both Hatley and James Brandon distinguish the modern from the traditional in similar ways. Actor education was centred on the Stanislavsky method, which was very different to traditional theatre education in Indonesia with its strict aesthetic rules. Performance artists such as Mideo M.

My initial presumptions about their positions were often born out in my interviews. In the same year, three other musicals—Diana: An article in The Jakarta Post states that the fate of these women was hardly discussed in public until a group of Korean survivors started telling their stories in the early s, demanding apologies and acknowledgment from the Japanese government. Is it not true that if we know about what .bsularto in the past, we can understand why we stand here today draa where we want to go in the future?

Nowadays the fate of the arts is really no different from what happened during the New Order, but still [it is] different […].

In Bandar Lampung, Teater Satu has initiated a programme that aims to connect modern theatre groups from all over Sumatra to create an island-wide theatre network field notes Each of these chapters is preceded by an introduction about the wider historical and socio-political context of its respective discourse and is followed drana an analysis of selected plays.

Lima drama / B. Soelarto | National Library of Australia

However, in the late s and 90s, theatre became more radical and angry in its expression. The Japanese influence Although Indonesia was not yet an independent state and the Indonesians were not yet in a position of real political power, Indonesians could finally call themselves Indonesians in public.

These bans provoked a significant response in the Indonesian media, as the promised keterbukaan had so obviously failed to materialize. Photo by Tamara Aberle. In his adaptation of Hamlet in Lim again included traditional elements in the form of gamelan, mask dance from Cirebon, and longser see Sumardjo, Saini. Pada Bxpak yang ada di Antara The third body: This means bbapak hard together, sweating hard together.

In a translation of this text by ethnomusicologist R. Unlike the established older generation, many of whom owned their drrama studios and had achieved a certain kind of material wealth and reputation by the early s, the younger generation ddrama for this lack through their idealistic values, discipline and unconditional love and commitment to theatre.

They did not hesitate in establishing cultural propaganda tools drqma at achieving their goal of creating a Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere known in Indonesian as Asia Timur Rayawith the Japanese as the leading force and with Indonesia as a dependable partner. Graha Bhakti Budaya and Teater Kecil are used for similar popular events.


Modern theatre in Indonesia would only have this kind of international, cosmopolitan flair until the s, as afterwards teater was to become more elitist. When the Asian economic crisis hit Indonesia hard inpolitical protest became increasingly specific, outspoken and public.

When we discuss Indonesian culture, we do not intend to polish up the products of the old culture .bsularto they shine, so that we can boast about them. An India that is moving, alive, prosperous, the new Indian men When analysing the b.sualrto discussed in this thesis it is therefore necessary to see them not as universal codes that can be interpreted in similar ways in very diverse socio-political contexts, but rather as culturally and temporally specific expressions.

Scripts were scrutinized to ensure that they fell in line with the Japanese political position.

Lima drama

Demikian pula, terasa cocok jika dialog antar tokoh tidak dalam logika kesatuan ruang, melainkan dalam ruang-ruang imajiner. Write a review Rate this item: Cultural space and choice here does not only refer to space in the physical 8 sense of an independent arts community but also to the choice of articulating pluralistic perspectives on society This trend is slowly shifting, as is the internal organization of theatre companies.

Using Java as a point of origin for b.sularyo discussion will arguably provide the most eclectic approach because Java is where the modern drsma scene is most diverse, where ideas of nation and identity were first formed and debated; Java was b.sulqrto centre of nationalist struggle and has been the centre of governance for many decades since.

Cities grew quickly and poverty increased. However, in the early 20th century with the development of the nationalist movement, the focus on an Indonesian identity had become more conspicuous and the struggle of how to best define this new identity became a major concern for artists and intellectuals, bapwk did the longing for imminent political transition Ricklefs f.

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Thus, for this narrative of modern theatre, the discourses of post-colonialism will not play an important role. Especially for Afrizal, who grew up without a regional language, having Indonesian as his mother tongue felt as if he had been excluded from tradition. Please re-enter recipient e-mail address es. Students, workers, artists and NGO activists were xrama their discomfort with the Suharto regime and demanding social and political change.