If you shoot enough IR, you can make this adjustment by touch: Grain is reasonably clear-cut, and modest in size; sharpness, in common with most IR films, is fairly low. What happened to my photos? There is a saying: Ready for Your Close-Up?: The least expensive option for true IR filtration is probably Ilford’s gel T50 nm , but this needs some form of holder.

Remember that you also have to unload the camera in complete darkness, never exposing the wound-off cassette to light either. I know sounds crazy but that is what you are supposed to shoot it at. This is one of the few viable alternatives since other manufacturers have abandonned infrared. I had to send it to Colorado I live in Maryland to get it developed because no-one around here processes this type of film anymore Rated 5 out of 5 by Writofassistance from Infared Film! So I shot at

Shoot from a Low Angle to The most comparable branded filter is a Wratten 88A.

Efke AURA IR 35mm Black and White Infrared Film B&H

Standard Indrared 25A filters are not recommended. Please feel free to share your Efke IRc pics made on any format from 35mm up to sheet film I also have a bunch of info and examples of this film on my non commercial website www. If you are using a reflex, you will need to focus with the filter off, or scale focus.

Because the filmm is so slow, I tried only a few skin tone shots; for me, IR works best for landscapes and especially for old buildings. Ready for Your Close-Up?: The King on His Throne.

In order to avoid infraree needing Grade 5 for some of the shots on a roll of mixed subjects, I kept increasing the development time–and as I did, the results grew more and more dramatic, but still eminently printable. And so far scanning has been a challenge but the prints look amazing in the darkroom.


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The King on His Throne. Shoot from a Low Angle to Photographers Shooting In Chinatown.

It is also available in! By all means buy just one at first, to compare it with single rolls of whatever other It820 films you can lay your hands on, and see which you like best.

Efke Infrared IR820 35mm

Though auras a great for graphic artwork, infraed Efke Aura IR works well with this filter. Interior design by David Gasparyan. The tonality of the stonework is quite ordinary, but the sky is nearly black and the grass is nearly white. The halo effect is extremely visible, as described.

There are various methods of metering for infrared film. Once you have chosen, buy at least four or five rolls, and preferably Easy process in standard black and white developers Creates a dreamy, fantasy effect. You may feel differently. From studying the data I gained from these 39 exposures, the best-exposed images were achieved with a handheld meter set to ISO6, and then adding 2 or occasionally 3 extra stops of exposure. Davit Gasparyan – Nature. From what I’ve read you need the Hoya R72 filter to turn the sky black.

Yellow and green light had very little effect: Record what each exposure was of, the aperture, the shutter speed, and importantly, how you arrived at the exposure.

Always used it with a IR87 filter, which blocks most visible light. The purchase was a good experience. Additional Info This group will count toward the photo’s limit 60 for Pro members, jnfrared for free members Accepted content types: Una questione di sale. This is a weird film; bracket just in case This is a “true IR” film, sensitized to wavelengths completely invisible to the human eye.


There is also the question of how far we are shaped by our genes, and how far by our upbringing. Another alternative film is Rollei IR. As you may have guessed by now, in order to get the best out of or any other IR film, you need quite a infrardd of practice and patience.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Because of all this, there is little point in buying just one roll of infrardd IR film, including IR As the name suggests, it is sensitized a little beyond nm; for comparison, Kodak’s High-Speed Infrared is sensitized almost to nm.

See any errors on this page? Otherwise the quality is great. So I shot at Grain is reasonably clear-cut, and modest in size; sharpness, in common with most IR films, is fairly low. Such films need to be loaded into the camera in complete darkness: Their films are also reputed to be “dust magnets” efme drying.

How to Become a Wedding Photographer: I would suggest to every one to test it themselves don’t listen to what other inftared say. Una questione di sale.

I decided to make a renewed attempt to understand how to expose the film reliably so I can start taking decent shots with it.