Pakhi accuses Kamla of hiding the real facts about Kalpana and Raghav’s affair. Neetu finds out that Kalpana is with Raghav and Pakhi and decides to take this as an opportunity to anger Vitthal and lies to him. AP 4th Apr – 6: Why she didn say sory to rags? Sammy says she must have arrived and would be waiting for you. There are over 10,00, domestic workers in Mumbai alone whose day starts at the crack of dawn.

Ek Mutthi Aasmaan – Episode – July 01, The neighbours later apologize to Kamla but still don’t agree to help them with their business. Ek Mutthi Aasmaan – Episode – June 27, Meanwhile, Kalpana is trying to stay away from Raghav but destiny continues to bring the two of them together. Kamla says why you woke up so early? Her father too shows his love for his daughter and asks het to not give up. Infact mak paaki b pakiya a couple so dat the stupid neetu kapoor whoz dreamin of rags 10,crores must b stuckd to a chowl…. Our site is optimized with a wide range of browsers, please upgrade to a modern, fully supported browser.

Kamla says what way is that to talk? Kamla asks Kalpana to start her own business. Kamla later sk Raghav and Pakhi for dinner. Pakistani Dramas Indian Dramas.

Later, Vitthal sees Kalpana’s dupatta with sindoor on it and enquires about it with Kamla. Mutthk, when Kalpana goes downstairs with her paper work to start the new restaurant suddenly her papers fall down on a puddle below. Will Kalpana manage to start her own business with the bank’s help?


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He felt like she has lost her way to home. This is a normal day for women everywhere, one might say. Raghav says what if she gets angry? Kamla and Kalpana leave Raghav and Pakhi in the hospital and go back home. Raghav apologizes to Kamla, but she is too angry to forgive him at the moment. Kamla says you give a lot of tension. Raghav apologizes to Pakhi and asks her to stay at home and also calls her his good friend.

It aasmmaan fun reading india forum comments …!!! Vitthal calls Kamla and gets shocked when he finds out that Raghav has had an accident.

Vitthal says no you look perfect. Kalpana decides to listen to her mother but wants the blessings of her father before moving forward in life. But will the neighbours support Kalpana’s new business plan?

Ek Mutthi Aasmaan – Episode 141 – Best Scene

She says hi Kamla maa I love you. Pakhi agrees with him and decides to stay with Raghav.

On the other hand, Raghav’s love for Kalpana only seems to have reached a new level as he lays down on a aasmazn that has Kalpana’s photos all over it. This Video has been reported.


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Kamla decides to take help of the ladies of her neighbourhood. Kalpana refuses to take loan with Raghav’s help wk drops her decision to take the loan.

They set about hurriedly cooking, packing tiffins for their men and children, cleaning, washing, etc. When Raghav asks her the reason for this, she tells him that she does not want his help to get the loan from the bank.

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He comes in between them and pushes them away from the road but meets with an accident himself. Ek Mutthi Aasmaan – Episode – June 27, Kamla asks whats wrong with you. In the home Kamla asks Kalpi who hurt her? Scene 3 Kalpi comes to the office.

Ek Mutthi Aasmaan xasmaan Episode – June 11, fill Pakhi is surprised when she does not find Raghav waiting for her. Sammy says you know she must be walking here and there. Kamla and Kalpana get panicky and rush him to the hospital.