The only person he can rely on is a country girl named Bok Sil. Their relationship is forced since we’re short away from the finale. I don’t mind all that much about the issues of divorce and such since I signed up for a rom-com and I feel its already deep enough as it is with other stuff. The show started off pretty good then it gradually went down. I love watching romantic cheesy scene admit jeez why sacrifice Jinhee character and forcing this lousy script I am happy for changmin.

Jin-hee surprises Chang-min with a custard cup, and remarks that eating sweets are best when feeling tired. Finding a present left on his desk, Chang-min opens it and discovers individually wrapped fortune cookies inside. The currently tough job-market is fully evoked. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. I can’t believe that Jinhee changed her mind like that. Why didn’t the writers show her grabbling with that before father’s death?

I episoce you enjoy it. It left me so confused. Jin-hee wakes in the morning and rushes off to get cleaned up. Chang-min thinks that meeting him again after all these years has only made things ciuple for Jin-hee. Hae-Sung is a poplar actor, but he is not good at acting. The show started off pretty good then it gradually went down. And we see that as viewers. Any “worth” that she suddenly realised now would have been from their time they have spent together as interns.

All said, I am in law school and work in a fairly intense area. Chang-min stops Chun-soo in the hall, and tells him that he heard of his suspension due to the Emervency Ahn incident. There are many hardcore fans who doesn’t want to know what’ll happen next until they see it from their own eyes.

I was really confused, they were talking at Chang Min’s apartment in an incomplete conversation, then the next thing that happened was Chang Min reading Jin Hee’s message to meet her in a coffee shop. His deliciously scheming and at dramafrie despicably smarmy Tommy Hong was a blast to watch. Like there’s no depth in the plot. So he finally decided to write to his father, and that makes him not want to pursue her anymore? I used to enjoy this show so much for a long emergenncy.


Now we are getting all these off the wall bouncing Ping-Pong dramagire romance tropes. This is not my favorite show – in fact I fast-forward a lot – but that was a bit much. I couldn’t stand his character, but after watching him in Bride, and I am like a fan girl at my old age. The woman replies that her son is very dramafirre and that she can be told directly about her condition.

For a long time he lives abroad. Its ok If you hate it but then it shows that you are watching it as well lolz.


Of course most people are probably familiar with “Joyride Dream” which was a commercial for the Kia Sorento that aired during the Super Bowl in Her love for him is so sacrificial.

The title was more than a cute pun and that honestly surprised me. Korea and the vast, seemingly uncrossable, gulf between the haves and the have-nots. The married guy intern scolds his wife for having more interest in her work rather than their prospective children.

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There is romance; there is comedy. Ok, both JinHee and Chief Gook are emotionally unavailable and the look of their faces is like they wanted to be with each other but cant bcs there so much issues yet to be settled.

Jung Joo Ri Cameo. So she runs to Chang Min helps and that makes her realize she wants to start over? I am happy with the leads reconciling.

And it makes me uspet when I read spoliers for episode I haven’t seen yet. What in tarnation did I just see?? Fmergency – if this show was not almost over I would probably drop it totally, but until then I will just make liberal use of skipping a lot.

How much more personally invested would I be in these two people if I knew the backstory that is unique to them as individuals, instead of the generalized backstory that I need to draw for them in my mind?

Engrossed by his phone, Yong-gyu bumps into Ah-reum, causing her to drop her tray of food. Coupl righty guys, so this is my top 10 korean drama list of so far. I’m certainly agree with you. Thus no mentioning previews or commenting on episode 4 when the recap is for episode 3. I mean, if the writer-nim wants us to believe that she love changmin sooo much, so why coupple their even bother to put those scenes of JH with her teary eyes when she spoke with chief, and wtf with that disappointed look on her face when she heard that chief and prof shim have slept together while actually not?


By setting up the wealthy neighborhood of Cheongdam-dong as a Wonderland Se-kyung would like to break into and a place where Seung-jo has the power to create his own dream of how the world works, the drama explores the reality of poverty versus the fantasies of wealth. You may like what you find: The currently tough douple is fully evoked.

That said, I still think this is more realistic than a few other Kdramas I’ve seen. It left a lot of gaps to be filled by the viewers when she really didn’t want to get back together with him before this episode, and all of a sudden his father died and she takes care of him for an episode and became the aggressive one in the relationship.

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But the plot got really top-heavy, trying to fit a murder-mystery, court-intrigue, and corporate-takeovers into what began life as a rom-com. But somehow, the scene when she overheard the conversation between Prof Shim and Chief and then suddenly dropped her cell phone.

He finds the grandma at the pharmacy counter, where she emergecny desperately demanding a refill of an expired prescription. Cast – Emergency Couple. Come to think of it, I remember seeing in one of the previews, a flash back of Chang Min teasing Jin Hee as she was passing a towel to him when he’s in the shower, but don’t remember seeing it in the next episode. But the writers didn’t give us anything much solid there, epiwode a very tragic death, which, for me, is a pity card.

Like seriously we’re supposed to believe that!