You are commenting using your Facebook account. Then I realized it wasn’t funny at all and yet being human is a funny business. Faulks gives us a flavour of this for a paragraph or two, but when he runs out of ideas he resorts to having Engleby indicate to us how boring they are, using the spectator joke. In reading Engleby I found a psychological novel where characterization is brought to the fore with the presentation in the first person. Engleby is a novel by the author Sebastian Faulks. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Faulks is certainly an incredibly intelligent writer, and this book may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you can hang in there, it’s worth reading. It’s always in your mind that Mike has something to do with whatever Not entirely sure how I feel about this one. What, though, if someone were to suffer not from a lack but an excess of feeling: Like Telegraph Books on Facebook. Sebastian Faulks is best known for Birdsong. Of course, if you’re a “nice person” and a real “team player,” you’re not going to get it. You yearn for Jen to notice; to love him. Engleby suffers from numerous panic attacks throughout the course of the novel and takes medication to prevent symptoms of anxiety.

January 13, at Bestselling British author Sebastian Faulks reinvents the unreliable narrator with his singular, haunting creation—Mike Engleby.

Being a completist with OCD, alas there was no choice but to finish it, so I trudged on. A quiet retirement to an undisclosed health facility in the country. The combinatorial effect of the narrative techniques made this an intriguing psychological novel and raised the author in my estimation. A lesser writer may have lost me. Engleby is a dense almost stream of consciousness style tale of an unreliable, unlikable and unsympathetic narrator.

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I found the prose to be frequently stunning and almost always fluid and smart. But then I felt irritation too. This isn’t a book in which a great deal happens, so it comes almost as a relief when Jennifer vanishes, presumed dead, perhaps buried in the wall behind Engleby’s drinks cabinet. He occasionally alludes to feeling isolated, but rejects the idea that he suffers from depression. Without spoiling the plot too much, the way in which he intricately implicates us in the life of the protagonist, and builds up our sympathy for him, only syhopsis the steady stream of blows the novel builds up to.


Engleby – Sebastian Faulks

Towards the climax, I felt alienated. An NPR interview steered me in the direction of this book. He begins as Engleby, and to Engleby he eventually returns, but as his confession for that is what it is unfolds, it emerges that he has passed his life since childhood answering to names other than his own, his sense of self blurred and fragmented by an accretion of alternative identities.

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The inside of an outsider’s mind

Fiction Sebastian Faulks reviews. Maybe because it spoke so well of human nature. It’s impossible to describe the merits of this novel. Despite this he goes to an Oxbridge university, where he fails to make any fiends. I could not even get past the first few chapters.

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The narration is from synopsie perspective of Engleby himself, and synopsia often obscures or misrepresents the events around him. With Engleby the going was a lot tougher at first but then I was pulled along by the powerful narrative arc.

Who would have thought that an ex-Cambridge graduate looking back over his complex life and recounting ragged and random encounters of it, c My time is stretched, but I want to try to review at least one book a week.

Terrence Rafferty of Sebsstian New York Times said, “At one point, near the end, when both the character and his creator seem to be getting slightly desperate, Engleby throws out the possibility that the ‘idea of self’ may be no more than a ‘necessary fiction.

Two very different stories, yet so wonderfully crafted. Synoopsis at the same time Engleby is an incredibly cliched character, being the way he is due faulkx being beaten by his father and bullied at grammar school.

The narrator’s condescension and generally disgust with society became boring quickly; this made me mistakenly place the novel into the groan-worthy genre of Embittered Failing Male Tells the World Why It Sucks. Engleby very interesting in terms of personal responsibility and guilt.


I just finished Engleby.

It is thought-provoking and disturbing. Sep 09, Kurt Keefner rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was a intriguing, moody read that I found enjoyable sngleby its dark tone.

On a basic level, Mike is a thirty-something writing retrospectively but for some reason there faulos a Faulks has a way of writing that leaves the darker side of human nature laid bare on its pages and you are intimately exposed to it.

Faulks shows here he is a good writer but he just couldn’t give us a plot which demonstrates he can be a good novel writer.

Engleby’s relationship to the world around him, the way sebastisn views his peers for example, is subtly bizarre in the way he is rational and yet weirdly detached. If you love Cambridge, you should love Engleby. Sep 07, Maya rated it really liked it Shelves: Pretty and ‘indiscriminately friendly’, Jen embraces Mike as an acquaintance among a horde of other friends.

I felt betrayed somehow. As a fable it subtly sets in scene the archetypal confrontation between the life-confirming forces of light and the nihilistic powers of darkness. Jun 27, James Ferrett rated it really liked it.

Aug 22, Katerina rated it liked it Shelves: Makes a lot of sense and I suppose a lot of conquests have to do with killing and subjugation.

I can’t say I loved it – note the 4 stars. I found his story suspenseful, even enleby it began to repulse me. It’s the story of a disturbed young man, Mike Engleby, as he goes to college. What would Engelby have been like growing up in a different family, xebastian having the hideous school experiences?