Depending on the inertia of the heating system, set the back of the sensor box into the brickwork if necessary in order to take the residual heat of the building into account. Nitrogen Pressure Leak Check Kit. The 2xcharacter illuminated LCD text display with power-save mode shows the current temperature and operating state. Failure to do so can result in death or electrical. Connect the cable labelled Outside Sensor in the sensor box polarity does not matter in this case. Normal controller functions are switched off and the unit will now only control the system to a fixed setpoint entered here when the circulation pump is active. If this mode is activated, ConDay mode will appear on the display from time to time. With underfloor heating an additional safety thermostat not included needs to be connected in series with the circulation pump in addition to the electronic flow temperature limiter.

It is used for adding tokens to a Net2 system and also for identifying lost cards. The unit is protected by a 2A miniature fuse. Key to button functions: Configuration du routeur sans fil 3 Troubleshooting 5 Version Die Verdrahtung des 90C Control erfolgt in der nachfolgend beschriebenen Reihenfolge: Start-up Once the unit has been switched on, it is ready for operation and will go into summer or winter mode depending on the outside temperature.

Phase L 5 Room sensor option S3 If a room sensor is required, it should be connected as follows: Remove table from skid. Various mounting kits for other mixing valves are available as options.

Assented to June 12, Date de sanction: The red LED is switched off during operation. The preset operating periods are disregarded.

This is particularly important stellmogorregler the case of underfloor heating, as the plastic piping or floor covering, can be damaged if the flow temperature is too high.


Device, we need to. If this mode is activated, ConDay mode will appear on the display from time to time. If a button is not pressed within 5 minutes, the unit will automatically return to normal operation with status display: Cylinder knob for glass sliding doors, die-cast, dull nickel-plated. If this happens, reduce the characteristic heating curve in steps of 0.

The controller replaces in no way safety devices. If the set value is exceeded, the mixing valve closes and the circulation pump is turned off.

ESBE. Regulator Serie 90C – PDF

Bei Arbeiten am Regler und den angeschlossenen Verbrauchern sttellmotorregler zuvor die Netzspannung allpolig abzuschalten. The target flow esbs calculated by the unit varies according to the outside temperature, with the mixing valve for the heating circuit being moved into the correct position by the actuator. If the controller is in manual or setpoint mode. Power supply must be switched off completely before work is started on the control and connected loads.

B Remove four foam shipping blocks from corners under. Rejects the current display.

In exceptional circumstances, e. No person may operate a product to which this Airworthiness Directive. System Requirements A computer. Vous venez d acheter un kit de connexion Urban Factory pour Microsoft Surface, et nous vous. Key to button functions: Comfort boost off setting range off If this mode is activated OFF stellmotordegler will appear on the display from time to time and the red LED will flash as a warning.

Subject to technical modifications and amendments. Exits the current settings menu without saving any changes that have been made. Remove Mounting Base 3.


Please find attached a revised amendment letter, extending the contract until 31 st December To do this, select the Mode menu from the main menu by using the buttons marked with an arrow and then pressing the select button.

The sensor is prewired, with the cable being labelled Flow Pipe Sensor, and should be secured in a suitable position on the heating circuit s flow pipe using the pipe clip provided. Because the 90C controller is prewired, installation work is kept to a minimum and errors are virtually ruled out. To return to automatic mode, the mixing valve needs to be turned by the spanner and without the release button being pressed until the release button engages again.

ESBE. Regulator Serie 90C

Outside the day operating periods the controller operates in reduced night mode. Multi-lines electric meter and analyzer. Once the mixing valve has been adjusted, the spanner must be removed to prevent the unit from being damaged. In manual mode the red LED flashes as a warning.

Precautions such as frost, scald and overpressure protection, etc. The 90C controller should be wired up in the following order: Der Mischer kann im Ausnahmefall, z.

Connect the cable labelled Outside Sensor in the sensor box polarity does not matter in this case.