Starting a pet store at the Spawn village. Montage of clips from episodes end of season 3 on the MindCrack server. Episode with Coestar. Episode with AnderZEL. Explicit Episode with Docm77 and Arkas. Explicit Episode 58 – OldManWillakers. Explicit Episode with Sevadus. A prank on Zisteau.

Views Read Edit View history. Explicit Episode 19 – Guest Zedsteau. Explicit Episode with Eneija. A playlist of my videos made on the Mindcrack server. Episode with Nebris. Finding his base covered in American symbols and floored in Netherack Deciding on a style for his grass rings and starting to construct them. Making a ghast and zombie pigmen farm in the Nether using iron golems Discussing the removal of UHC mode. I thank Guude, and all the rest of the guys for a fun and exciting ride, even when May 1, minLooks stable now;-The Mindcrack Server is running Minecraft 1.

A boat prank on Guude.

Mindcrack Podcast

Episode from Minecon. End of Season 4 Minecraft: Changes to the blaze farm Cleaning up after Zisteau’s modifications to his cave. Episode with Seth. Episode with Michael from Gamewisp. Explicit Episode with Sevadus. Episode 91 – Angel.

Explicit Episode with Pakratt and Jsano. Checking out the lapis exchanges Adding epispde message board to EthoCorp Epjsode on beautifying his Nether tunnel Purchasing plants Explaining the endermans death. Planning out his new base Exploring the jungle Visiting Nebris’ base for ideas Digging TNT tunnels, protecting spawners and starting to hollow out the base. Fighting Nebris and discussing the battle.

See Slaying of the Wither. Etho and SethBling showing BdoubleO’s new building prank house in the Town Hall Etho digging dirt in a time-lapse to make a certain height to flood his unnamed mountain base Gave a short tour after the plasy had been placed Revealed that Baj and SethBling set up in the Red Portal room and his pathway leads straight to the Nether-End portal.


Retrieved from ” http: Explicit Episode with Arkas. Racing Arkas to the DocShop for glowstone Cleaning ;lays zombies out of the mob trap at EthoCorp Showing progress and products at his shop Helping mcgamer blow up his lapis exchange Discussing item frames in the snapshot Slaughtering Nebris in the Death Games.

Mindcrack Smp Season 4 Final World Mac

Explicit Episode 44 – Guest Nebris. The re-created build is the first version Etho build on the Season 4 Server, Tags: To listen to an episodr podcast, mouse over the title and click Play. Made more lighting options for EthoCorp instead of using torches Discussing the changes to his squid tank and changes in the snapshot Received his first bulk order from Adlington Made his mountain base more boat accessible by adding boat dispensers and creating a boat elevator Made improvements for the potion brewing at EthoCorp Made the minecart with chests Nether accessible Delivered Adlington’s potion order.

Clearing out the nether fortress beneath the blaze farm Using TNT to remove excess netherrack Making a spot in the nether hub for the blaze farm. A Whole New World! Plaus Episode with Coestar. Customer Reviews Mindcrack podcast. Explicit Episode 17 – Guest Avidya.

Explicit Episode – Guest free episode. Touring his cave base, mob system, cow, flower and reed farms and trading systems Touring his jungle base and mob system Visiting the pet store and ice tray at spawn Touring the Nether hub expansions and the dual blaze farm Playing the trivia game at Guudeland. Episode with DireDwarf.


Explicit Episode with Sigils.

Episode with HCJustin. Explicit Episode 29 – Beefless. Explicit Episode 9 – Guest Pyrao. Pranking Zisteau with Team Canada by covering his base in paintings. Explicit Episode – Who needs Guests. Can you spot Etho. Explicit Episode with Seth. Explaining why he chose a double dropper setup to keep score Experimenting with ways to use the beacons to show a contested point Wiring up a capture point.

Explicit Episode with Millbee. Sky Shrooms Part 2 “. Finding the repaired sword BdoubleO left and showing his planted Nether track Penning a zombie to keep as a pet. Links Podcast Website Report a Concern. This podcast is so entertaining, thankyou for making me laugh! Discovering four chests while caving Work on the storage area Trolling the B-Team during their livestream.

Explicit Episode with Zisteau.

Mindcrack Smp Season 4 Final World Mac

Banished – S2 Ep. Mhykol, Mhykol Invades-Episode 4: Collecting all unattended crafting benches and securing them in a vault for the community Moving animals to clear a space at spawn for the death games Setting up the redstone for the death games.

Episode with Pakratt and Jsano. Zombies Dropping an anvil on generikb. Discussing the interpretation of the Death Games rules Helping Pays kill a a whither at his base Using TNT to enlarge the hole Pause is excavating and setting up the beacon.

Explicit Episode 6 – Secret Special Guest. Mindcrack season 3 finale by taraforest.