I’ve totally avoided trying to figure out the time frame of this series, not wanting my brains to fall out. I love those romantic moments too. They clash, and this time, Young gains the upper hand, and Ki Chul looks up in shock. On rewatch, no, the directing fails again. There are so many questions left unanswered and so many stupid turn of events, that I almost feel cheated even out of that sweet last scene The lighting in the movie in done beautifully too. Scenes that could be better? Yu Oh Seong as Gi Cheol.

I loved the fact that he smiled so little in this show because that made every smile more precious. Episodes by LollyPip. It was not a romance of Lust, passion or mere infatuations. He demands to know what the problem was- if they joined hands, they could have ruled a country together! Are are a composer? There were certainly moments that got through to me, but they were far too few in 24 hours of screen time to get me on the hook. I have been following Lee Min Ho for some time and love him. Ryu Deok Hwan as King Gongmin.

However, I love this drama sooo sooo much. Gongmin asks if they can keep running away epsode this. When the soldier is slow to answer even for a second, Young frowns, still in a hurry to get this all over with. I really enjoy reading abt d movie than watching it.

Envoy – who is this dude? Reply Che-Cheh March 25, at And Choong-seok comes in behind them to ask where the general is. Anonim 20 Maret Young goes with his Woodalchi to meet those generals that the fake message has gathered. Gongmin informs Young that a message from Yuan came.

I needed some major catching up on work. Eun-soo wakes up with a sword to her throat, and a fuming Flute Boy who demands to know who killed Hwasuin.


Yubaya November 10, at Young promises to take care of those men. Reply Classy November 16, at I’m also a sucker for period drama, between the Asian big three. Watch Army Wives Season 7 Episode 2. See Dramabeans I fauth feel like they did the best justice they could to his character, Jang Bin, in the drama and if he had to leave, they found a meaningful way to add to the drama in his faitu, which I feel he would have appreciated since he had no physical recourse.

I think it may be because of the intense feeling for a desire of a better work. I love the whole cast. Good Job to the producers and the actors!!! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

신의 Faith (Korean Drama)

The shots should fpisode been longer! That is truly hard. Reply Lyn November 23, at It appeared to me that he didn’t shove Eun-Soo into the portal, but instead she broke free from his grip and ran into the portal to get away from him. I’m glad that I avoided that whole mess.

Welcome and happy fangirling! Young comes to see Deok Heung in prison but Deok Heung is not there. Like Softy, I regard myself as someone who appreciates a drama at face value. Eun-soo wishes for antibiotics- that could be used at the antidote.

The Great Doctor

And he was left alone with no servants, no food or fire in the hut he was exiled to stay in, and was also seriously ill? Then episode 1 came. This one never get to air or some say was just a trial shooting. Be on the look out for the symbolic Choi Young hair fetish, aspirin, hand on forehead to check fever, blood smell, face cupping and Chrysanthemum dramaccrazy the drama.


Joonni, hope it is ok to post here? This is my favorite kind of love story in a drama.

The Revolutioner: Faith Ep 21 Raw/Eng Subs SBS Min Ho Korean Drama Great Doctor

Lee Min Ho travel to some 14 locations throughout the country to shoot for the drama. I didn’t like the ending initially but on reading other’s comments, I agree that a hot fevered kiss at the end would have been out of character.

Oh yeah… this is the smile that can blind and melt us ladies! I really episoxe bring myself to watch any further after Eun-soo got re-poisoned.

The Great Doctor – 신의 – Watch Full Episodes Free – Korea – TV Shows – Rakuten Viki

Ki Chul drags her kicking and screaming to the portal, and shoves her in. What is it about the drama that makes it so? Should I not leave?

What Faith has managed to do is touched our heart and soul, teaching us about faith and love. I’m 2 years too late for the party.

And then familiar voices rise from the din. Join 2, other followers Follow. Eun-soo replies that she cried to have him let her go.