Carter awakens from his coma and confronts Peter, demanding that he relinquish control of the company. General Family Guy season eight episode guide. Lois runs into her old friend Naomi, who reveals that she and her husband are having difficulty conceiving a child. Soon he is caught by Lois who calls him an idiot. Peter then agrees, this time using Mort as a double which rekindles Angela’s will to live. Writers Guild of America, West. Peter stalls for time during the search, “summoning” the ghost of Lou Costello and doing the “Who’s on First? The Quest for Stuff

Later, while at a strip bar, Quagmire cannot stop thinking about Anna Lee, and they go to her adoptive family’s home to get her back. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In response to the group’s criticism, executive producer David Goodman claimed that Family Guy is “absolutely for adults”, and that he does not allow his own children to watch the show. Peter gets in a fight and hits his head, causing him to suffer from amnesia. The New York Times. Brian pitches the script to CBS , who respond positively. As time goes on, Peter cannot contain his jealousy and eventually kicks him out.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Three months later, Meg returns home a hardened criminal and abuses her family and friends. Former recurring writers Kirker Butler and Gary Janetti returned to the series, with Butler leaving immediately afterward to work on The Cleveland Show.

Setting out from Quahog, the group enters the bar in question and find that it was Cleveland who told the bartender the joke. While drunk, Stewie tells Brian that his life has no purpose, and Brian becomes infuriated. Peter discovers a lump on Lois’ breast, and the two go to the hospital to have it faimly.

Once he notices something strange about her, however, he discovers that she is an android. After he impresses the group, they decide to let him join. Series creator Seth MacFarlane and composer Walter Murphy were nominated for their work on the song’s lyrics and music. During the occurrence, Brian meets the editor for a magazine, starts following Meg as research for an article on teenage life, and discovers she has fallen in love with Luke, a prison inmate. As result, the “Evil Monkey” found himself spiraling into depression which cost him his job and home.


The eighth-season premiere received a 5. Views Read Edit View history. He arrives at her house to pick her up, but soon finds himself attracted to her mother, Rita, and sneaks her home that night.

Archived from the original PDF on Luke has a vision of the Empire capturing his friends and forgoes his Jedi training in order to save them by confronting Vader. The surgery is a success, and Dan emerges as “Ida. After being asked this by Peter, Jesus answers “Six of one, they’re all complete crap”, and then Brian, himself an atheistoffscreen chimes in from the other side of the room, responding “Thank you! Retrieved October 31, Carter and Lois decide to trick Peter into surrendering the company by scaring him into believing a swamp monster will eat him, causing Peter to agree.

Cast members Guest stars Writers Awards. Spencer Porter received his first writing credit for the series.

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Peter is struck by his success, however, and decides to capitalize on his newfound ability. Joseph Lee received his first directing credit for the series. Family Guy season 8 episodes Family Guy seasons American television seasons American television seasons.

He sneaks in backstage, and Miley Cyrus soon becomes Stewie’s best friend. Instead, voice actor Jeff Bergmannotable for playing Fred Flintstone in the show, voices him. In an attempt to make a decision, Lois and Peter visit the Family Planning Center, and decide to have an abortion performed.


Jesus then appears and settles the couple’s disputes. Revealing he heard it xeason Quagmire, Peter questions where Quagmire heard the joke and eventually finds that the joke originated with a Virginia bartender.

There, she meets Brian, and after several drinks, Brian sleeps with Ida which drives Quagmire into rage. After Quagmire and Peter destroy the android Miley and save the monkey, the latter decides it’s time to move out and does so.

Stewie then cross-dresses to get an audition, gguy his new identity ” Karina ” and wins the role.

Travelling to a universe where humans are subservient to dogs, Stewie is unable to figure out how to modify the device so that they can return home. As time goes on, Peter cannot contain his jealousy and eventually kicks him out. They are soon captured under orders of Vladimir Putinwho explains that word of the sleeper agents would be an embarrassment to their government, and offers to help them stop West from fulfilling his mission.

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He takes her home and has an ‘affair’ with her. San Diego Comic-Con International.

June 15, [60]. List of Family Guy episodes. But somewhere along the line, the show’s shine faded, its image was tarnished, and the magic disappeared”, but added, “That’s not to seasoon that FG hasn’t been good at all lately. Deeply angered, Lois and the rest of the family decide to move out and leave Peter. Writers Guild of America, West.