Let’s see if I add Code Geass to the list. They always have somthng to achieve that’s why it keeps me hooked: Especially when Saber defeated Assassin alias Sasaki Koujiro One thing I would tell you, don’t focus on comedy, they are lame. BBCode “I love deadlines. A victim of animation priorities. I want a serious anime.

Anything other than god Somehow my list keeps getting bigger and bigger even though i am watchin anime really fast xcvb http: The eight servant is gonna be tough to kill! Yeah, golden Archer was pretty annoyingly deus ex machina. That’s why its potential is infinite. Woke up and there was a new thread, not bad Thanks Bleachway for the thread and Collage.

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At least, from what I remember that’s how it is. However, Saber never brought it up to Shiro as that it was unnecessary. Nah, didn’t get the time. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

I second this,anime are in japanese,subbed in english and roman urdu in forums? The story’s over, unless you want another season of Final Destination i.

I knew Kiritsigu name was this, right? Alot of interesting characters in nght single cate is always hard to find. But we already know just about everything there is to know about the curse and watching another cycle of clueless teens figuring it out won’t be much fun.


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WH4Y I get Jin’s intent now, although it was good but it just didn’t justify his actions, though still the way Misaki still endured it was good to see. I thought the last match would be predictable that Akanegaoka would win. Jin is not a harami!

And BTW if u liked Clannad They always have somthng to achieve that’s why it keeps me hooked: Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. I haven’t watched Dragon ball Z kai myself yet as it is not finished. D – – – Updated – – – why they had to go and stop airing it: D But i guess it’d be a different thing when its after years: And it is definitely an anime worth watching.

Only specific anime series appeal to me. He pwned Caster so he gets kudos from me.

So that means u want something more than mild Try Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, it seems to suit your criteria though it does have comedy at times. For me, there have been two anime which deserved an 11 – Clannad AS and ef – a tale of melodies. I still want to know where Lancer went So Shirou’s father actually started the fire by destroying the grail?


Fate/stay night Episode 19 Discussion

What did i tell ya?? Let me list some of my favourites: Digimon wins it episodf. But well, at last one episods character apeared. The story of 25 episodes of FMA is same as 15 episodes of brotherhood. The story, the animation, the presentation, the songs, etc. As much as I guess I want to see progression and drama, I’d be more than happy to watch 11 episodes of Spoiler! D These days I just watch movies whenever I get some free time.

I’m an intellectual rapist.

I usually don’t drop anime, no matter how boring they may become, I just put them on hold. And it was fucking epic: Not yet another convenient super power from nowhere that saves the day