Real-time dissemination of the value of the Index by Reuters began on December 31, These include a theoretical bond component valued using our internal funding rate, and theoretical individual option components valued using mid-market pricing. The public offering price you pay for the notes will exceed the initial estimated value. Index for any reason e. The notes are our debt securities, the return on which is linked to the performance of the Index. Number 9 Boyd Banks The notes are not sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by Russell. Russell lists the following countries as BDIs:

Now that zombies have taken over the world, the living have built a walled-in city to keep the dead out. Thus, it is possible that the IRS would seek to characterize your notes in a manner that results in tax consequences to you that are different from those described below or in the accompanying product supplement. Before you invest, you should read the Note Prospectus, including this term sheet, for information about us and this offering. Are Not Bank Guaranteed. The Sponsor reserves all rights including copyright, to the Index. Determining Payment on the Notes.

The Index is a price return index and as such the Ending Value will not include any income generated by dividends paid on the stocks included in the Index, which you would otherwise be entitled to receive if you fil in those stocks directly.

We also urge you to consult your investment, legal, tax, accounting, and other advisors before you invest in the notes. Russell reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to alter, amend, terminate or in any way change the Russell U. Not included in this class are institutional holdings, including investment companies, partnerships, insurance companies, mutual funds, banks or venture capital firms.

Payments on the notes are subject to our credit risk, and actual or perceived changes in our creditworthiness are expected to affect the value of the notes.


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The Return of the Living Dead Redemption Amount Calculation Examples. The actual Call Amounts will be determined on the pricing date.

Shares locked up during an IPO that are not available to the tilm and will be excluded from the market value at the time the IPO enters the index; and. So will the Oscars still rock you? Why does Charlie lick the end of his rifle? Change of Company Structure: Preferred and convertible preferred stock, redeemable shares, participating preferred stock, warrants, rights, and trust receipts are not eligible for inclusion in the Russell Qction.

Any such price may be higher than or lower than the initial estimated value of the notes. Pretty Boy Tony Nappo The following types of shares are considered unavailable for purchase and removed from total market capitalization to arrive at free float or available market capitalization: The notes are not sponsored, endorsed, sold, or promoted by Russell, and Russell makes no representation regarding the advisability of investing in the notes.

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Public offering price 1 2. Assuming no change in market conditions or other relevant factors after the pricing date, the market value of your notes may be lower than the price you paid for them and lower than the initial estimated value. The notes are not guaranteed or insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other governmental agency of the United States, Switzerland or any other jurisdiction and are not secured by collateral.

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The notes are subject to an automatic call, and the initial estimated value is based on an assumed tenor of the notes. Night of the Living Dead Keep track of everything you watch; tell actiob friends. Proposed Legislation on Certain Financial Transactions.

The notes will not be listed on any securities exchange. In the absence of an administrative or judicial ruling to the contrary and pursuant to the terms of the notes, you agree with us to treat the notes, for U. Big Daddy Joanne Boland The sneak peak I saw had fans hooting and hollering and received a standing ovation at the end of the film.


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Russell will only adjust the Index to account for a right if the subscription price of the right is at a discount to the market price of the stock.

The economic terms of the notes and their initial estimated value depend in part on the terms of these hedging arrangements. Redemption Amount per unit. There are important differences between the notes and a conventional debt security, including different investment risks and certain additional costs.

The Index sponsor, which licenses the copyright and all other rights to the Index, has no obligation to continue to publish, and may discontinue publication of, the Index. The Ending Value is But not everything goes according to plan.

gilm Great special effects, plenty of gore, and great performances all around especially from John Legiozomo, Dennis Hopper, and Asia Argento. There may be potential conflicts of interest involving the calculation agent. You will have no rights of a holder of the securities represented by the Index, and you will not be entitled to receive securities or dividends or other distributions by the issuers of those securities.