Iran’s Foreign Ministry says Zarif’s resignation has not been accepted: Un homme dans ma vie. Les derniers jours d’une ville. Omar we Salma 2. The Sun Will Never Set. Some Egyptian intellectuals believe that this is a good turning point for Egyptian cinema. Entre Ciel et Terre.

The quarrel Cartoon movement. Unlike previous years, Ramadan was not associated with game shows and celebrities or gossip programs and talk shows. Watch Out from Alkhot – Ehtares min Alkhot. Each channel tried to host political fora and heated debates. Les gens du Nil. They Turned Me Into a Criminal. Electricity Minister discuss cooperation U.

La Vierge, les Coptes et moi Madoru dance Cartoon movement. My Wife the General Manager. The desire for political shows discussing the possibilities lying ahead surprisingly increased even during a religious month that has always offered pause for thought. In the Heliopolis Flat. People on the Top.

El Fil Fel Mandil –

Les gens du Nil. El murra el maghoula. Le fils du Nil.


I Will not Confess. Kiss me not on my eyes. Al-Laithy suffered a heart attack a few months after he was stripped of his positions and had his year career denounced publicly.

El Fil Fel Mandil () – CineClube by CA Notícias

Heart of The Night. Angham confirms marriage rumors. Diary of a Country Prosecutor. Nelly Karim to undergo her first directing experience with two short films. Chased by the Dogs. However, some expect a new entertainment landscape through which the Middle East’s oldest film industry could enjoy a creative renaissance.

Algeria’s Bouteflika to submit re-election papers March 3: Bakhit wa Adeela 2. Neo-realism is characterized by a general sense of authenticity.

We Are the Bus People. The Thief and the Fool.

ﻣﻮﻗﻊ ﺻﺪﻱ اﻟﺒﻠﺪ

La Porte du soleil. Ala mn notlik Al-Rosas.

Housh Illi Wakaa Mennak. Lady of the Castle. Visit of the President.

Egyptian entertainment industry feels the pinch of neo-realism in 2011

Shey min el khouf. Some say it is a break from “pointless comedies” and a start to production of films “reform” the industry in the coming period, says Film Studies student Ranim Ashraf.


The City of Dead. Je ne dors point. La dame du train. L’Amour aux pieds des pyramides.

La belle de tous les temps. Akwa min el hub. They Turned Me Into a Criminal.