The others are not quite as convinced, but Jeremie insists that the materialization process must have caused her to lose her memory, but the others were right. Jeremie brings Taelia with him to the factory. From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars. Jeremie discovers five activated towers and gathers the group to take care of them. You’re your own person Patricia, if you want to date me, you should be able to. The dogs attack Yumi and Ulrich, among other children, during Jim’s Pencak silat class. Back at the school, Jean-Pierre confronts Yumi about her attack on Yolanda.

Odd and Aelita refuse to work together when they first arrive, but eventually resolve their differences and take William down. At school, a driving class has been set up to teach the kids road safety. Use them as allies to defeat the Marabounta. The visions come even when she’s awake, causing her to lose consciousness while at the pool. Hertz was giving a lecture about ants. What happens is —”. Meanwhile, William’s parents visit their son, and the strange behavior of his clone concerns them greatly.

Jeremie discovers that the program works as a reset feature to Lyoko, something not too helpful, but useful nonetheless. Swallowing his pride, the young martial arts student filk to the factory and goes to Lyoko just as Yumi is swallowed up by the Marabounta, which is progressing inexorably. Having no other choice, Jeremie decides to test out an experiment which will give a person the same powers as one possessed by XANA.

In order to maintain his clone, Jeremie draws more virtual strength from Sector 5 to maintain the activated tower. During the test, XANA’s rat army attacks the school. Sissi, meanwhile, plants a tracking device on Ulrich in order to discover their secret.

The name Taelia has the same letters as the name Aelita. She is able to convince him to let Herve rummage through Jeremie’s computer files. Meanwhile, Yumi’s parents are having trouble with their relationship, which Yumi is not too happy about.


Attack of the Zombies As the tree timbers, Yumi pushes Ulrich out of the way and gets trapped maraboujta the process. This episode takes place one month after the events of the first season. At the factory The elevator opened as we entered the lab. Thus, the Lyoko Warriors are born.

Yumi and Ulrich go to help Aelita, but Odd is forced to stay because Sissi tells on him to Jim for having Kiwi, since he pulled a prank on her. We went over to the monitor as Aelita asked, “What’s this program?

When the Kongres interrupt their return, Yumi gets stranded, and is lost in the Digital Sea.

Twenty-six each for the first two seasons, thirteen for the third, thirty for the fourth, and the two-part prequel made alongside the third season. Ulrich agrees on one month and kisses her as a down payment.

Having failed to destroy XANA’s supercomputer in the previous episode, the group sets out to finish the job. When he’s about to be taken to the hospital, XANA attacks, possessing the ambulance and driving it towards the river with Yumi with him. Furthermore, their arguing inadvertently leads Nicolas and Herve into the factory, where Jeremie is forced to distract them while the group explores the Lyoko copy, which consists entirely of the Forest Sector.

XANA also mounts an attack on Lyoko’s core at the same time. It turns out that Johnny likes Yumi, and being jealous of that, Ulrich tells him to follow her around to get her attention, which Yumi hates.


Marabounta 30 Sep 9. A return to the past deals with that problem. With the help of Milly, Tamiya, and the William clone, he is defeated, and a return trip keeps Milly and Tamiya in the dark about the supercomputer. With its power rapidly draining, Jeremie needs to repair it before it becomes completely useless. The monsters leave the Lyoko Warriors without causing any trouble. During the fiilm, Jeremie is attacked by one of XANA’s polymorphic clones, leaving the others ccode operate the supercomputer without help.


He doesn’t like cocky, has an attitude type of guys. Using the concept of marabounta and some of Franz Hopper’s research, Jeremie creates a program to search and destroy X. This fortune does not last. She does not act as expected, however. Download the script for this episode! Except for firing a few laser arrows! As we backed up, the Marabounta latched onto our legs. The other Bloks and Kankrelats also disappear, leaving one of each. Unless… oh Jeremy, you idiot!

Aelita goes to Lyoko first. After a malfunction and a little bug with the regular materialization program, Odd and Yumi are bugged up, ending up in each other’s bodies.

They both eventually begin to act strange in the real world during a school play. Jeremie’s cousin, Patrick, comes to visit. After meeting up, she has Odd take her to the computer room.

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View the LyokoStats for this marsbounta At the same time, XANA attempts to take over Jeremie’s tower, locking the decoding procedure so they canot abandon it. Jeremie has developed a program to make the William clone smarter, but the learning curve is still problematic, as it tries to fling a glass into the air from a fork.

She’s also worried that XANA might escape. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Jeremie finds her in a previously undiscovered fifth sector of Lyoko, Carthage labeled Sector 5 by the group.