Resources Media Libraries Archives Web resources. Streaming Movies and Film Online. Not everyone wanted to stay there In medieval times there were two prisons in the castle. Navodila sem sicer bral, pa mi niso pomagala. Grajska planota 1, SI Ljubljana. In the castle was bought by the City of Ljubljana and turned into multi-residential building for the citizens, but mainly for prisoners and the poor.

Ljubljanski grad The Pentagonal Tower, seen from outside, which once was connected to a drawbridge going over the moat. A dragon lived under a Castle The legend of the Ljubljana dragon goes back into the mists of time, but Roman accounts suggest it arose from fires and explosions that occurred in the Ljubljana marshes due to the release of methane. Katero pravilo jima je treba pomoliti pod nos ob blokadi? The ride up the slope of the castle hill has been included in a regular guided walking tour of the city organised by the Ljubljana Tourist Board. Nominations are planned to close on August Streaming Movies and Film Online. Jaz menim, da samo odziv na obvestilo ni dovolj. As late as the appearance of the castle was enhanced by the dominant watchtower replacing the wooden one, which gave the present architectural ensemble its final form and the castle its characteristic silhouette, corrected in s.

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Award ceremonies – Matej Filipčič

It is a complementary project to the Virtual Museum — Ljubljana Squares through the Agesprepared by the City Museum of Ljubljanawhich is now available to watch online. And there are hundreds of dragons on the steps to the top of the Viewing Tower, which, as the following pictures show, is worth going up. Except for the outer walls, the castle chapel, the corner towers and two entrance towers, the rest of the buildings originated in the 16th and 17th centuries.


Zaenkrat teh problemov ni. Podjetje Maremico je javno prepoznan. We recommend using the funicular railway to visit the exhibition. Kako narediti opis, da ne bo promocijski? Small doors slow big soldiers The original main entrance to the Castle, the one reached by a drawbridge over the moat, is in the Pentagonal Tower, one of the oldest surviving parts of the complex and made of mostly brown stone, rather than white, like the later elements.

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25 Things to Know about Ljubljana Castle

We are interested in your opinion as to which images qualify to be the Picture of the Year Sections de cette Page. Ljubljana Castle courtyard as a venue for popular Film under the Stars screenings organised by Kinodvor Cinema during summertime. Wrong or missing data? HighBeamprijavite se lahko na en: This was no accident, but instead another defensive measure, making it more difficult for people to rush in uninvited, something also aided by a now-demolished wall that stood between in zvezdxmi tower this entrance and the courtyard.

Stara je bila sedemindvajset let. It deals with the techniques, concepts, and artefacts of confinement and punishment, a topic which was expanded with an additional exhibition about torture in During its long and ljubljans,i history the castle was mostly a military fortress, but also functioned as the seat of provincial rulers, with the city tower being used by pipers and fire guards.

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Ljubljana Castle – Culture of Slovenia

Ljubljanski grad A dragon on the wall by the entrance. Ljubljana Castle is situated on a small hill in the centre of Ljubljana. Cultural events, such as Gustav Film’s Comedy under the Starsalso take place in the castle courtyard.

Coats of arms on the ceiling of the chapel. Kaj je treba postoriti, da se pojavi v orodni vrstici? Watch in HD Remedy Another important exhibition is Slovenian Historywhich uses original items, replicas, interactive content, and multimedia presentations to outline the political, social, cultural, and economic history of the Slovenian territories ljubljansski prehistory onwards.