A soft, soothing voice-over welcomes us to the cinema, and then tells us that this story is nothing more than entertainment Use the HTML below. Halimah isn’t about to let a few bad dreams distract her from winning her man. He convinces the village headman to let the bizarre Chinese stereotype perform a ritual of exorcism to get rid of the tiger — or the vampire — or whatever it is that’s killing the locals. This starts the two superstitious men worrying that there might be a real vampire on the loose, and they dash through the forest terrified. Add the first question. So what am I wibbling about? The actors are not credited by role, so with the exceptions of Walid Satay and Mat Sentul whom I’ve come to recognize , I have been unable to match the performers to their parts.

Such critics know more about the cultural situation in Malaysia than I ever will. Once her initial shock has passed, and she has accepted Amran’s hasty endearments, Rohani goes back to the village with a completely different demeanor. And that would be a good thing. After all, in both a foundling named Comel grows up to be accused of vampirism. Halimah immediately realizes something significant has changed between Amran and her sister, though I’m not sure she understands all of what’s happened. Now, readers, I’d like you to consider this: The two sit by the water, starry-eyed, exchanging gooey endearments that really need no translation she calls him “big brother”, but that’s not as creepy as it sounds. Pardon me for a moment; I always get bilious when anybody uses the words “bourgeoisie” or “class struggle” while disparaging horror movies.

You can imagine what happens here. Plus, they’ve managed to internalize the vocabulary of French-style pseudo-political film criticism in ways that my gag reflex will never permit — and that can’t have been easy. Back at the village, an ecstatic Halimah goes to see Amran.

At one point, Rohani in her innocence says something unfortunate: So if you like Asian horror give this forgotten gem a look. Halimah wakes up screaming.

And to be fair, all this corny comic relief leads to what I think is one of the high points of the film. And here’s why I’ve gone into so much detail about the state of contemporary horror in Malaysia: The two food-sellers come up with an idea of their own: It deals with the existence of the supernatural in a very ambiguous way: When they come out the other side, they are wearing black body suits with white cartoon skeletons fiom on the fronts.


Not long after, the tiger itself passes by outside the house, unnerving everyone still further.

But, the voice continues calmly and quietly, for those who are superstitious Edit Cast Credited cast: They name her Comel pronounced “Chomel” — “the cute one”, which by an amazing coincidence is the name of the original pontianak from the Maria Menado series of the ‘s. Of all the people in the village, Comel should be the happiest. As Mat wends his pontiaak home through the jungle that night, he gets an idea for a trick to play on his rival.

Such critics know more about the cultural situation in Malaysia than I ever will.

I hope my readers will forgive my spoiler-laden review When the “Orang Minyak” emerges from the water, and the minyak has washed off a bit, they all see who it really is There is a genuine value to portraying the Forces of Evil in whatever form they may take as strong, dangerous enemies, fully capable of defeating the Good Guys even if the Good Guys deserve to win. But Halimah, as good as she proves to be at manipulating Amran, is not free of her own conscience.

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Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. These two are our singing comic relief. And Amran, for his part, never fully loses our sympathy, in spite of the fact that he’s all but raped a girl barely out of her teens.

Now, readers, I’d like you to consider this: Naturally, a Malay film of any vintage is unlikely to show anything overtly sexual; so what we do see at this point comes as more of a shock than what we might have seen. More time passes, and eventually Rohani goes mussang labor. Susuk may be pure escapism from a director with a social pontiaak The childless couple had been overjoyed to find the baby, which they determined to raise as their own.

He also reveals how he’d found the baby’s mother dying in the woods. The actress playing the spoiled young girl Rohani also manages to be convincing when she re-appears as the stern, vengeful ghost of Halimah’s dreams, as well pontixnak making her “second self” Comel seem like an opntianak different character.


Pontianak Gua Musang Streaming Vostfr HD – Film Complet

Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? It also offers an insight into Malaysian local culture,so Pntianak was pleased.

When the woodcutter hears the sound of a baby’s screams, he rushes for the riverbank Putting a scarf over his head, he waits by the side of the road and pretends to be a woman because, hey — the only thing funnier in-and-of-itself than a Fat Guy is a Man Dressed Up Like a Woman.

So what am I wibbling about?

When Walid Satay comes by with his cooking implements, Mat tricks him into making him a special order of satay. After the usual fanfare and studio credit, we start with a blank screen. Was this review helpful to you? She is a pontianak who comes out after dark. I’m not sure musanv she says or doesn’t say to him, but it seems as though she encourages him to believe Rohani has run off with someone else. Instead, the few films that dealt with the supernatural at all either suggested rational explanations for their horrors, or else played the supernatural elements for laughs including the Shaws’ Pusaka Pontianak [], and Cathay’s vehicle for the comedian Mat Sentul, Mat Toyol [].

Everything about Pontianak Gua Musang shows it to be a solid and professional production. Though the monster masks and costumes may have been so cheap that even W.

They spend most of their time advancing the plot by trying to put one over on Amran’s hapless housekeeper For a hint, see the screen shot at the top of this page. The drums pound furiously; the dancers shriek and wail as though they musabg real monsters; and as the melodic instruments begin to play, the dancers disappear behind a huge tree trunk. Her suspicions confirmed, Halimah confronts Rohani with the terrible truth: And that would be a good thing.