The controversy over her books has sent Jones on the lecture circuit, speaking in the U. Vitni Voren u svom djelu, pored ostalog, navodi: The author implies that there was a time in his life when his emphasis was more spiritual, but that was not the Mohammed of this novel. Anti-Islam filmmaker ‘was playing us along ‘ “. I wasn’t disappointed and found it easy to read and entertaining. Regardless, her story here makes for entertaining reading.

I thought the book would be inspirational and moving, but in the end it wasn’t. Again, I would have enjoyed it more, I think, if I expected less. This page was last edited on 29 January , at The lives of desert tribes in the Arabian desert are skillfully told by Jones. If anything I think the novel portrays women’s struggles to live in a polygamist household and the way feelings of love, respect, and jealous become intertwined. As A’isha grows from child to woman, the new religion of Islam, under Muhammad’s care, grows with her. Retrieved May 18,

Coptic American National Assembly blog. The Messenger of God Bilal.

Film in the United States portal s portal Islam portal Freedom of speech portal. It appeared well-researched but I am not convinced of the writer’s skills in storytelling.

Adžić: Dragićeve neistine u nagrađenom romanu – propaganda protiv Crne Gore

As far as historical romance goes, this wasn’t a bad book. Ja imam kod sebe crnu smrtovnicu o kojoj govorite. The book, although interesting and timely, was a bit heavy-handed and trite. This book was proorka and entertaining but not at all noteworthy.

Adžić: Dragićeve neistine u nagrađenom romanu – propaganda protiv Crne Gore – IN4S

Labud Dragic je bio obavezan, kad pominje konkretne istorijske dogadjaje i konkretne licnosti, da slijedi istorijske cinjenice i relevantne izvore, konvergentno princicu- historium rerum gestarum koje ne stoji u korelaciji sa povijesnim znacenjem res gesta. His best wife, A’isha, is childish and annoying at times, but he did marry her when she was nine, so that’s probably to be expected.


Since this is the first time I have read a book about the Prophet Muhammad and the foundation of the Islamic faith, I found it very interesting. Through the pursuit of my political science degree, I fashioned my own focus on international relations with the Middle East. Girls were married off as soon as they began their monthly cycles–and sometimes before!

Tako da oko znaceja austorskog djela i njegovih moralnih i imovinskih asprkata tesko da nrko u CG zna to bolje od mene. Most references to Islam have been overdubbedadded after the filming over the original spoken lines. In a way, this depiction made Muhammad look manipulative and crafty. However it does a decent job of illustrating what life might have been like in 7th century Arabia, especially from the perspective of a young woman.

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Want to Read saving…. We are deeply saddened by the tragedies that have occurred.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Innocence of Muslims film. The young muhameca asks what “X” is. While it was certaintly a good, easy read, I picked it up hoping to get a better grip on the history of the Muslim people but felt that the perceptions of Islam were one-sided.

Open Preview See a Problem? The effect of this void was that it made the story more bland and forgettable than other historical novels that I have read.

Historical fiction about the wives of the founder of Islam. Don’t look to this book to tell you a lot about Islam, Muhammad, or the ancient Middle East.

Retrieved from ” https: The controversy over her books has sent Jones on the lecture circuit, speaking in the U. Thanks for telling us about the problem. U to vrijeme, a i kasnije, crnogorski ustanici, rodoljubi vodili su gerilsku, komitsku borbu sa ciljem da se oslobodi Crna Gora od jarma, nametnutog od strane Srbije A story of love and loss, I recommend this book to those of you interested in Middle Eastern culture and Islam.


The ruling was in response to a complaint by actress Cindy Lee Garcia, who had objected to the use of her performance, which had been partially dubbed for its inclusion in Innocence of Muslims. Overall, I thought Sherry Jones did a very respectful rendering of how she views the life of women in the early era of Islam. A Vanity Fair article described the video as “Exceptionally amateurish, with disjointed dialogue, jumpy editing, and performances that would have looked melodramatic even in a silent movie, the clip is clearly designed to offend Muslims, portraying Mohammed as a bloodthirsty murderer and Lothario and pedophile with omnidirectional sexual appetites.

The book also had a nice flow, with little to no awkwardness in the elements of the storytelling.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Because of security concerns no public venue was willing to show the film although the group still planned on showing the film in the future to a private audience of about people. That said, this book definitely reads like a novel.

Istina je bila potpuno suprotna. Louis, made her fame on the Paris stage at 19, worked as a spy during WWII, and became an important civil rights activist in the United States.