They argued and argued ,, boring stuff! Or did I tell you? Here, again, there exist many models each one with very different specifics of power and load. Ruba; ok I was gonna call to see if you need anything! More, the amount of material required to set up whichever building is rather impressive, therefore it is just trivial that to handle such a complex scenario many machine tools are needed and used. It looked better than the first one! As I did that, he place both hands on my shoulders.. They were never touched!

Since my dad was staying in his room during ,, Her light orange wallpapers, white lines, her creative paintings board, her photo when she was only in kindergarden, her dresser and her fine collection of perfumes and make-up! Oh how much did I need her support at that time! I told you it’ll be fixed? From Moron; Where do you want to go 7ayaty? Her brother came out of no where, shirtless, and wearing a boxer ;p! Yousif; I’ll come pick you up! I didn’t want him to go back to his wife!

fiilm What’s with him with basma?!!? Ruba; 7abeebyy we’ve been friends since forever! Rinad; hehee , Rinad told her enna salim is proposing tomorrow, basma almost killed her for not telling her! Elly sometimes the milk had bubbles!


It was very weird yet thrilling.

Rinad; miss you too galbyy! Father; 7abeebty Ruba lazim arou7!

I couldn’t think of any! We took loads and loads of photos and then I put ’em on facebook! I got home, enetered, and unfortunately found my dad in the kitchen nook Father; 9aba7 elkhair Ruba; 9aba7 elnour Father; gi3day khanta7acha.

Lemme try the other one! Any waayy , bs 7abait a6alli3 7arrity ;p And please if any body is reading “Stupid In Love” in “Queen of my Hood” please tell her to change the comment board!

Part 18 bs 5 comments?! Touch My Soul With Passion. Sure I remember him and cry, sure his name gives me the chills, sure I still remember out lovely moments together! I told you it’ll be fixed?

Choufli Hal شوفلي حل

I’m soooo sooo sorry! I didn’t really want to do that. Yousif; la2 aby el7een! I have five nominees! D o Maku navbar: From Moron; Laish galby?

Ranoood this is great newwsss!! Ruba; I’m glad I — Ohhh noo!

Choufli Hal شوفلي حل

Kinna tawna emkhal9een madrisaa o elkil walhaan 3al shalaih! Her brother came out of no where, shirtless, and wearing a boxer ;p!

My former best friend? Any waayy you guys! And Tilm know how much you would hate that! It looked better than the first one!


I went back to my room, after a few minutes later. I dressed like her, and wore foundation like her, More like casper!

She wasn’t revealing on what she had to say, Ruba; So.? Yousif; As much as I hate to tell , it’s true! Ruba; Oboi bil bait!

I want to comment!

Best Of Sbou3i 5 [] شوفلي حل (Choufli 7all) | HaydiSeyret

Oh how much did I need her support at that time! And she’s in this salon!? But I had no time to think,so I did was I was told, and he placed his hand on my head and pulled it towards his shoulder. From Moron; 7abeebty wi9altay? I was left with thoughts of someone I love!

He sounded so nervous! But I swore and promised myself not to tell her, not now at least! I finally broke my record! We both get thaat! And sorry if I forgot to mention any body!