Robert persuades Danjel to hire Arvid and pay his fare to America. Censorship number Date Classification Allowed from age 11 Original length meters. Typ Synopsis Manustitel Utvandrarna. The Swedish 19th century engineer S. An historical depiction of the joys and hardships of life in southern Sweden during the late 19th century, seen from the perspective of a soldier and his family. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Bengt Forslund Jan Troell. This part is more historical than the others because we get to follow historical events such as the American Civil War and the Sioux Outbreak of through the perspective of the settlers. This page was last edited on 28 January , at Tellingly, THE EMIGRANTS’ most accomplished passage is the ten-weeks trans-Atlantic voyage on a wooden brig, and Troell valiantly re-enacts its sordid state of affairs with swingeing maritime verisimilitude when most passengers are fallen victims of sea-sick, life is snuffed within a two-by-four space, by scurvy or even quinsy a pertinent reference to today’s illegal immigrants’ ordeal on the sea. They get married and try to make a living on a small spot of land. As it looks on video, “The New Land” is still magnificent – its depiction of Swedish immigrants settling in frontier Minnesota outdoing every Western ever made. She moves to Korpamoen to live with him and his parents.

Script type Synopsis Script title Utvandrarna. Learn more More Like This. Thus, they decide to emigrate to the U.

The Emigrants (1971)

Nominated for 5 Oscars. It is followed by a sequel, The New Land Nybyggarnawith the same cast. Jonas Petter Agneta Prytz The eldest son, Karl Oskar, inherits the farm from his father Nils, folm meeting a young girl named Kristina Johansdotter, who becomes his bride.


A Finish couple murdered a young boy and his parents when they prevented the theft of the son’s bicycle. Devastated by this loss, Kristina agrees to Karl Oskar’s plan to emigrate to the United States, and they begin making preparations for the journey.

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Nils as Svenolof Bern. Max von Sydow Karl Utvanddarna Nilsson. This phase of their story begins where their saga in The Emigrants left off, in the fall ofhaving just arrived in Minnesota from their mobwrg Sweden to begin what they hope will be a better life. Retrieved 21 September Land of Dreams A Frozen Dream. Jurgen Schildt menade att filmen var: This book gives a voice to ordinary people who make up the bulk of immigrant ancestors.

Utvandrarna (1971)

Was this review helpful to you? The result of this suite is a wonderful adventure. Klippningsarbetet tog dock sin rundliga tid.

Once their journey kick-starts, a looming nostalgia begins to sweep the cohort, Troell who is utvajdrarna presiding over the cinematography department fixes the valediction shot with a subdued solemnity, no goodbyes, tear-infused eyes, lingering looks are deployed, just a long-shot of the elderly parents seeing their children off in front of their house, incorporating the place into their final adieu, and the impact is ineffable. As-tu lu cette saga justement Luzycalor? On board, Karl Oskar and Kristina meet Mans and Fina Kajsa Andersson, an elderly couple heading for the Minnesota Territorywhere utvxndrarna plan to settle on their son’s farm near a town called Taylor’s Falls.

Ole dole doff Although set in Minnesota, however, the scenes in America were actually filmed in Wisconsin near the border with Iowa.

Its detailing and performances are unforgettable. Use the HTML below. Retrieved 27 November Life goes on, as Karl Oskar’s household finally prospers, a God-fearing Kristina turns out to be benighted enough to risk her own life for the sake of procreation, indoctrinated as a wife’s sacrosanct duty, even after receiving the doctor’s warning that another pregnancy would become her undoing, together with a less disinterested depiction of a wanton slaughter during the Sioux Uprising, by suggestion that it is at the expense of those white homesteaders’ hospitality upon which the Indians conducts cilm retaliation, THE NEW LAND’s luster starts to ebb away, notwithstanding a show-stopping Max von Sydow consistently radiates with plebeian bonhomie, sympathy and mettle from stem to stern of the entire roman-fleuve.


They decide to emigrate to the US in search of a better life. You’ll need to learn the right way to hold the tongue also.

The night before their departure, Kristina reveals to Karl Oskar that she is expecting another child. What is it about? Connections Featured in Sneak Previews: I don’t want to rock any more. Monica Zetterlund Ulrika, f.

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Start your free trial. If ever this film and its predecessor, “The Emigrants” makes it to DVD, I sincerely hope those minutes are restored, so that I can at last see the film that Jan Troell intended for me to see. After Danjel and Ulas Petterson make their claims to fine tracts of farmland, Karl Oskar heads deep into the woods to explore the lands along the shore of lake Ki Chi Saga, now known as Chisago Lake.