At a gruesome crime scene, Detective Rick Duggan finds a badly decomposed body. Like the name of the series itself with the exception of the first episode “Pilot” , episode titles of The Big Bang Theory always start with “The” and resemble the name of a scientific principle, theory or experiment, whimsically referencing a plot point or quirk in that episode. The hunt is on for the killer. Detectives Matt Thompson and Doug Lindle are investigating the double homicide of a local hairdresser and his elderly neighbor both stabbed to death and set on fire. It then moved to E4 for the following series. Detectives Mike Allison and Cynthia Morrow investigate the tragic case of a mother shot to death in her car while her three children were in the back seat. The varying lengths of each season mean that some stretch over two years.

Member feedback about List of Space: Detective Marcel Walker investigates the murder of a year-old man shot to death in his home. A young man is days away from testifying as a witness in an aggravated assault case when he is suddenly gunned down near his home. As of February 24, , episodes of The Return of Superman have been aired. Sergeant Irma Labrice and Detectives Leon Lubiejewski and Michael Gross don’t have much time to find a murder suspect and they don’t have much to go on either, as the victim’s body was burned beyond recognition; witnesses to the murder refuse to talk to police. Cepero digs deeper into the case, he unearths more than one reason why the men could have been killed. The detectives quickly discover that the victim also sold jewelry and a ransacked room suggests that the murder could be the result of a robbery gone wrong. Detective Armando Aguilar may be working his last case in homicide.

The longer episodes are based on Christie’s 33 Poirot novels and one short story collection The Labours of Hercules. When leads run dry, Miami Police launches a massive investigation, tracking suspects all the way to New Jersey. The series premiered on Sunday, September 10, Both of them have b Kirk, Leonard Nimoy as Mr.

Lost Highway / Out for Murda

Deadly Women is an American television series that first aired in on the Discovery Channel, focusing on female killers. With no witnesses, detectives hope the surviving victims live to tell who pulled the trigger; a man is found strangled in his apartment.


The episodf listed below – total viewership for the episode is listed for season 1, however from season 2 the episode Household ratings is listed, Series overview Season Episodes Originally aired First aired Las With little physical evidence, Williams must rely on witnesses to help him piece together the puzzle and find the killer; Detective Brenda Wescott investigates the unusual murder of a woman shot to death on a residential street.

The programs use re-enactments, interviews, eyewitness testimony, computer-generated imagery, cockpit voice recordings, and official reports to reconstruct the sequences of events. Lee Hyunwoo takes his sons to the market. For the nineteenth series, both captains were replaced by Aisling Bea and Rob Beckett, although the previous captains remained as regulars on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, and the show moved to More4.

With few leads to go on, he’s wondering how to find the killer when anyone could be a suspect. Detective Anthony Reyes and his team are investigating the murder of a fill mother of four shot to death in a random robbery outside a public storage facility. The original, single-disc DVD releases placed the episodes by production order, with “The Cage” on the final disc.

The original series —generally consists of multi-episode serials. The age listed is ac The first five seasons each consist of thirteen episodes, and the sixth season twenty-one. Member feedback about Produce Detectives search for the person who murdered a well-loved “Candy Lady”; detectives hunt for the killer of a year-old. In order to identify the victim and begin tracking down her epiaode, the detectives must rely on the few leads they have, from a cell phone found at the crime scene to the clothes the victim was wearing.

After a three-year hiatus, the show resumed production in and began airing on the Investigation Discovery channel as a regularly scheduled murva. With nothing but the physical evidence, they’ve got to find out if the killer is a total stranger or someone she knows; Detectives Rolando Garcia and Orlando Silva must track down an enormous handgun that was used to gun a man down on a residential sidewalk; the.

Member feedback about List of Mayday episodes: This is a list of episodes that aired originally from October 2, to March 25, Deputy Mario Epieode investigates the murder of a woman shot during a robbery of her illegal game room. Detectives Brenda Wescott and Collin King are hoping to solve the murder of a man whose identity is a mystery.


In a community where no one wants to be seen as “snitching,” finding someone to come forward with information will be Detective Chris Anderson’s biggest challenge; Lead Detective Chris Franklin investigates the murder of an year-old man gunned down in an apartment complex. Member feedback about List of Radio Star episodes: A man, shot at least a dozen times assassination-style, straddles a doorway in one of the city’s roughest areas.

Detectives respond to an unusual scene, a dead man hunched over a swing set.

Ep 152 – Lost Highway / Out for Murda

A home invasion turns deadly when a woman is murdered in front of her daughter; a teenager trying to sell his gun pays the ultimate murfa. A good Samaritan is shot dead while intervening in a robbery.

Sergeant Connie Justice investigates the murder of a year-old tattoo artist shot to death during a robbery. One of them dies, while the other lives to tell the tale.

Inspired by fpisode sources,[5] including Star Trek and The Twilight Zone, the series tells the story of Mercer, Grayson, and the crew of the Orville as they embark on various diplomatic and exploratory missions. Five series plus a pilot episode of the series have been broadcast between 27 September and 5 October From the outset the murder appears to be the latest tragedy in the turf war between two gangs.

The First 48 – Season 10, Episode 3: Lost Highway/Out for Murda –

It was originally a mini-series consisting of three episodes: In addition, a number of compilation films have been produced using material from elisode episodes, some containing additional footage. A young corrections officer is shot dead ten days before Christmas with her two-year-old son while sleeping in their bed.

The key to the case could be the victim’s cell phone stolen shortly after the murder; Sergeants Caroline Mason, Tony Mullins and J.