Yusuke Honma Original Manga: Steve Olson as Genjuro. The Weight of Burden. Viz and Kodansha have so many different series and there has to be a good amount that they aren’t making money on. Have you seen this? Shinjuku Private Eyes Feb 22,

Shizuka Ishikawa as Kurei child. Flame of Recca by Nobuyuki Anzai. Blood Prison Road to Ninja: The Awakening of the Earth. Jennifer Holder as Leilan Katashiro. The Path is Opened. Shigezou Sasaoka as Sekioh.

Katashiro Reiran I Doll Master. Kentaro Ito as Minamio.

Flame of Recca Tagalog EP 39,40

Have you seen this? Views Features Reviews Columns. The World of Sand. Challenging the Eight Flame Dragons. The Resurrection of Kurei Part 1.

koleksi animeQuw: Ragnarok

Answerman and the Masters of the Universe Aug 1, A Return to the Field of Battle. This battle leads Recca to discover a strange power within rwcca. Elinor Holt as Neon.

The Boy of Metal, the Man of Wood. Alicization’s second act gets underway with this novel, which covers a major turn in the story just ahead of the anime’s current pace.


Flame of Recca (TV) – Anime News Network

Yuri Amano as Katashiro Reiran. Memories of Nobody Bleach: Rui, The Dragon of Riddles. Jennifer Holder as Leilan Katashiro. November Merchandise Releases Sep 16, Journey to the Past. Feast of the Illusion Master VI. Harutoshi Miyagawa Takahashi Prod.

It’s What’s For Breakfast! From Amakara Castle — Ganbare, Kickers! That happened to me this week. Vincent Gutierrez as Dylan Mikagami Tokiya. Akiko Yagi Ellen E.

Blue Water Studios Translation: Daigo of Fire Company M. Kouichi Toochika as Madoka Raiha. Kris Rundle as Koran’s Aide Student 3. Hidekatsu Shibata as Meguri Kyouza.

Nobuyuki Anzai Character Design: Demon IV Magensha’s Secret. Archived from the original on Approaching of the Demon Star. Randy Brososky as Gashakura. Danny Deopante as Kurei. Crunchyroll Viewster Licensed by: List of Flame of Recca rexca. The Weight of Burden.

Recca is a boy living in the modern world, only he seems drawn to following the ways of the ninja.