You worry a bit, but it’s okay; he’s doing it ’cause he wants to. To trigger a friend event you need to raise your friendship level with the event’s person to a certain level or higher, typically more than 20, Friendship Points FP. Elise is your biggest competition, followed by Giorgio, Fritz, Eda, and then the random no-portrait villagers. You didn’t notice though, right? Sometimes you get lucky and catch what you need, and other times you’ll be sorely beaten by other competitors e. Marriage candidates have a love event at a light-blue flower color, a dark-blue flower color, and a light-green flower color. Note that even if you enter a 5-star item there is still a chance you’ll lose, which depends on the difficulty of your competition.

Since there is no skill relating to winning this festival, it is best that you save your game before talking to Veronica to enter the Fishing tournament. He had to come back to the shop for a tool but he doesn’t need to return to the work site right away You try to make him happy, but it isn’t working very well. He rubs your head, then backs up. The higher the Star Rank of your entry, the greater the chance that you’ll win. Go to the Trade Depot and talk to Veronica between You run to the closest place for shelter, which happens to be the clinic. Ford welcomes you inside, since having a low body temperature may invite in all sorts of viral infections.

To unlock Eda’s free cow you must have Gunther remodel your house. After you have completed all of a candidate’s love events and you have met the remaining marriage requirements house level 3, big bed, red flower color you can use the traditional marriage proposal item to request the person’s hand in marriage. Similarly, Inari doesn’t require the going-steady Pendant. You will also be told the number of people who participated in the tour.

Ford’s Love Events

The names of the events have most likely changed in the English version. This festival won’t unlock until after you have constructed the Large Trees and the Boulders in your safari zone, and have the wild boars, bears, sdasons monkeys living in the safari. When Hinata lets go, he looks towards the three kids and says that since he’s satisfied their request, it’s time for them to run along elsewhere.


You and Moriya walk up. You offer to cook something for him instead. Your chicken will be judged against three other contest entries. Moriya congratulates him once again, and tells Hinata to take a well-deserved break.

Ford stops and reminds himself that he can’t stare at a patient like that. You can choose not to contribute or to give her G, G, 10, G, orG. Typically only Lf and Wayne come to visit, so entertaining a different acquaintance makes him a bit lost.

Naturally it is also best to enter a fresh crop you just harvested instead of one that you’ve had in your rucksack for 3 days. Marriage candidates have a love event at a light-blue flower color, a dark-blue flower color, and a light-green flower color.

You can’t give a second gift to a villager if you give the villager a flower, nor can you give a flower to a villager that you’ve already gifted that day.

Hinata likes to think that he acts his normal self around you. Ford never imagined spending his life with another person, but since it is you, it might not be so bad.

Ford’s Love Events | SoS: Trio of Towns

The tournament ends at 3: Once you meet the friendship level requirement, walk into the event’s location during the correct time of day to trigger the cut scene. After the friend events are completed you can start to trigger the love events. If you see a change feel free to send me a message with the title change. Giorgio feels that there is nothing more beautiful than he is! It must of taken a lot of off to write such a heartfelt letter.


Outside, Fritz is trying to coax the chicken to go back into the coop, although he’s not having much luck. He asks if there is anything he can do to accommodate seasins. Hinata fogj you what’s wrong? You didn’t notice though, right?

He then blushes, and says that this seaskns of interaction really helps it sink in for him that you two are officially together! Ford says he has little contempt for those with no self-discipline, so most people tend to keep a distance from him.

Think about it for yourself. Each ecents you can confirm her suspicions or you can tell her that it is okay. You get angry with him and he backs away, apologizing profusely. You can press the Left Shoulder and Right Shoulder buttons to change the angle your model is facing.

Hinata assures you that it was just the wind. Hinata thanks you for being so forgiving. Hinata thanks you for helping him practice.

How to Trigger Friend Events | Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

He doesn’t prefer anything in particular, but Ford wants something with plenty of vegetables and doesn’t have a lot of carbohydrate or sugars. Your competitors also factor into your chances of winning. Veronica will then bring you and the three random contestants together. You suggest something from your farm. Sounds like Giorgio is feeling better.

Random Events

He’s out of alternatives, so he’ll have to trust your cooking skills. I feel well enough to go home Ford objects! He takes your hand and asks that you close your eyes.