Meanwhile, DR-1 will be streaming episode 10 at this link. November 30, at 4: Well, even without subtitles I could see the rug was being pulled out from under her. December 2, at 9: His sudden lust for power seemed out of character especially as he was all but ready to retire in one episode near the beginning of the series but I can only suppose he knew that if he went to the police Zeeland would lawyer up and justice would never be done, and it would have a terrible effect on Denmark economically if due to this Zeeland moved their operations abroad. But the translation is very confusing:. Saturday December 8, update: I fixed your Comments.

November 25, at 3: December 8, at Borch being thrown off the case. December 7, at It is an unsettling ending: I do not believe Sarah would have taken that action. November 21, at 7:

Forbrydlesen leaves us only two possibilities. November 29, at 6: The trick in episode 10 will be for them to make it all plausible. December 16, at 9: Well, just two days to go until we find out. But for everyone who has been trying to keep up with the BBC Four airing, here are the latest filenames:.

Forbrydelsen III Episode 9 English Subtitles Update Post | Mike Cane’s xBlog

Hmmm, and the killer, I thought he was way too obvious, as I thought of him for a while. Justitsministeren kan berette, at regeringen har klaret frisag i alle anklager ang.


I have to sutitles I was very sad at the end. If it was anyone from Zeeland my money would be on Reinhardt.

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They could have spared Sarah and let her be happy with her family and Borch. A03e05 and her son Mark. November 24, at 5: How is she gonna prove it now that she left the country? If Benjamin had some data from Zeeland that may mean that somebody from there was involved.

“Forbrydelsen” Episode #3.5 subtitles English

This is tough, this id tough. November 29, at 1: November 30, subtihles 1: I still stand by my first choice tho start thinking that he was let in to cover it all up.

Still think that what Lund did in the end was quite human for her standards. But have Borgen to help the wait: The sound of the video is adult.


What the hell is the data about Zeeland? Check jannajives blogspot add au to dot com.

November 24, at 3: Here we are, with the finale of Forbrydelsen III about to air in Denmark and we are still without English subtitles for episode 9! That affected the PM so much?

Of course, I could be wrong. Does anyone know if English subs will be available for Borgen Series 3 which aired in Denmark last night? Because, to solve one set of murders entails solving another.


What happened to the kittens on sjbtitles ship?!!? I actually do have 2 questions for you if you do not mind. Episodes 9 and 10 are now up on Addic7ed.

Sunday December 2, update: Not long till Sunday now.

March 15, at 4: I agree with you guys about the ending. I find it very very suspicious that he has shown no interest in solving the previous case, even though it has been made plenty obvious to him that it would be an easy way to get his daughter back.

I think the promise to back the government was made under pressure, because some people in the government knew that he was involved. November 27, at 6: When we have subs that make some sense, I will update this post again.

I thought the end of series one did not fit the first episode:. December 4, at 3: Watching it with subtitles will help to get the grasp of everything.