And when you consider the timeframe that the show was actually produced, the ultimate storyline seems very supportive and ultimately inspiring. The one great thing about the intersex portion of this episode is that Ken comes around to the realization that Amy fucking rocks, and neither her sex and gender identities or her intersex lived experiences are going to change that. It’s too much for many to question foundational beliefs and systems in our societies. I had recently switched from my 3-year-long laco-ovo vegetarian diet i. I love that you see the PE coach for the first time and think, “Oh, here it comes, another tiresomely stupid TV coach. Sam Weir is a recurring guest on the delightful Bones now.

The one anachronism that bugged me is when they’re talking about Santana “So the guy who sings is not named Santana? However, intersex individuals – whether or not they identify as intersex – often deal with the aftermath of the trauma they underwent during treatment, in their family lives, etc for the rest of their lives. Intersex activism didn’t start until the mid’s, but I think that if you’re going to do a show on an under-represented demographic, you gotta be accurate. Sources exist on the Internet, in libraries, and in the form of intersex individuals some of whom are loudmouths like me, that greatly desire to generate awareness and discussions about intersex issues that could be used to educate and inform one’s perspective on intersex. Being on ER rather than riding the Apatow-crew comedy train might look like a bad turnout in hindsight, but c’mon: This is the guy whose girlfriend is the giggling stoned idiot and couldn’t shave for a month or whatever right? Can’t imagine Lauren Ambrose as Lindsay?!

Linda Cardellini was in a movie that almost won Best Picture: This photo features Hida left and me right wandering around in Times Square, following the book launch of photographer and mixed-media artist Rebecca Swan’s gender-bender-y work, Assume Nothing.

Full-Frontal Activism: Intersex and Awesome: Intersex Is Entertaining!: Freaks and Geeks

Besides biological inaccuracy, “hermaphrodite” has a lot more stigma associated with it based on its historical use, whereas “intersex” doesn’t have as much. Hida Viloria states that in other languages, translations of “disorders of sexual development” misrepresent intersex as transgender or having a queer sexual orientation or something non-intuitive and confusing, which simply violates the first objective of intersex activists.


I don’t want to insult gdeks, mel, it’s not what I’m trying for, cs if I was I wouldn’t hand around freakks thread and argue with you, or talk with you, but this seems a silly line to take to me.

One would not require Michael Phelps to receive surgery to make his naturally long arms and large feet smaller, since they contribute to his prowess in the pool. The event will be on December 16th at 7pm. The anachronisms this one didn’t seem so off are really annoying.

I think one of them claimed they started working on the Superbad script when they were 14 or something. How’d he get them to name the band after him?

Oh man and the indian manager at the cafeteria. I couldn’t remember who other than my Uncle I was being constantly reminded of I completely forgot about the scene with Marshall and the parrot. I would strongly argue no to both questions. Oh yeah, so we watched the dreaded Ben Stiller episode last night, and dude, you were totally overreacting. The norseman head had me in hysterics for 10 minutes. Mind you, I also watched the episodes where they are dating back to back Has this happened to anyone else?

The hermaphrodite storyline is just so bizarre. Doesn’t look like he’s there.

She’s also Velma in the Scooby Doo movies. I really wasn’t expecting that hermaprodite bit, that was an interesting twist. I am a total jerk for being so intersex-phobic, and am a total idiot for almost losing this awesome person I love. vwoh

Freaks & Geeks

Martin Starr also turned into a right hunk. First, whenever I watch a deleted scene the weirdest thing happens: What the fuck, I am the worst egeks ever. I’m so sad that I have only 6 episodes left, after watching 6 in a row this weekend. I saw the one last night where the gym teacher starts dating Bill’s mom.

I’ve known a slough of girls who remind me of her or vice versa. Is vsoh in the class picture? Lizzy Caplan definitely deserved a spot here – she was the girl greaks on Jason Segel in the early episodes and she made him disco at the end!


After all, what the hell could be such a crisis, right? But it was worth it, because Harris rules. Lindsay I think you should start calling me Mr.

Learning what we already know about something and formulating our own views on our subjects of teeks enables us to make sense of our dynamic world, and keep track of the massive, ever-changing amount of information about it. As for the girls, Linda’s on a show that’s on its last beoh and is about to be cancelled. It’s painful to see him go to his guidance counselor and initiate awkward conversations with friends wondering if he’s gay or if Amy’s “really” female, but if this is seriously how intersex was described to you, would you have reacted so differently?

I found the conclusion to this angle, to be geuniely moving. Yeah, Stiller’s appearance is enough to ruin anything for me. Oh the tears when Neil is sitting on his bed with the dummy and you realize his entire family, including his mom, knows about his dad and they all turn a blind eye to it. Newer Posts Older Posts Home.

Freak difference is, my own personal process wasn’t filmed for TV so that I could spread the misinformation I believed to thousands of TV viewers, who will walk away from that episode with a very skewed notion of what intersex is and what it’s gees.

I resisted the temptation to say “you, McMurphy, you come in. Daniel casually says, “Hey, guys. It wasn’t as bad a portrayal as some, the message of ultimate acceptance of others at the end is good, yes, I hear you. Instead, we all say, “Wow! Many individuals view their intersex as a medical “condition,” as it was very very very likely described to them by the medical community. Having undergone surgery without consent doesn’t make one more eligible date.