Just be quiet for now… [2. Are you feeling it? You waited because it was my birthday. Track 7 — Kitchen Love [0. I own nothing but this blog. Cum for me… [7. Posted 4 years ago with 91 notes Kuroko no Basuke kuroko no basket drama cd translation Character song audio drama animemangagame the basketball which kuroko plays. It felt absolutely amazing.

Track 7 — Kitchen Love [0. Thank you very much for letting me experience playing this character. Ahh, sorry…but it just felt so good. Track 9 — All day in Bed [0. So, has something happened? So, hopefully, this is easy enough to follow along with. Can I put it in? Because I hit on your during your part time job?

I guess that happens, huh. And you say you hate it. Make sure you hold on tight, okay? Was the light too bright? Do you like it here? Good grief, wearing such cute underwear…if you wear them all the time I want to take pictures! That makes me very happy. I just thought you might catch a cold if you kept on sleeping here.


It makes me so happy! I just love you so much I want to touch you. And I proposed just now too. I love you veeeery much. Himuro Tatsuya Monologues Translation Vol. I love it too! Sakurai Ryou Monologues Translation Vol. Let me feel you all over after, okay?

I thought so too. Do you wanna fight again?

futari no himitsu

But thank you muchly for reading this translation! What time is it? But I thought we were going to spend our time together… [2.

If you…pinch my nipple-! Read the FAQ before asking!

I totally understand the Japanese culture and how women are supposed to be bought up BUT this is one of the things that has stood out to me in these CDs. If you like the younger boyfriend genre then yay for you.

Futari no Himitsu Vol.2 – Your Boyfriend: The – 梅ちゃんが大好きです!

I got over the part where he wanted to be tied up and how he really liked the pain. I love you so much.

Hope you all are having a fantastic week! You translatiob because it was my birthday. I got to watch you cum. Did I wake you up? Let me hear it.


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Does that feel good to you? Before we knew it we managed to get things tidied and packed away. It makes me jealous…you going to work in such a cute outfit. U-uhh…haha, uhh…my mom told me to come. Do you have ketchup? Track 6 — My Happiest Omurice [0. Track 9 — All day in Bed [0.

Come here… I want to keep holding you like this. Halfway through recording it started getting really fun. Only I can have you. Not that he was annoyingly childish; if anything he had that childish nature that made me happy and giddy instead. I want to hear your voice as you cry out.