Our reputation is ruined in Banaras only because of that girl. She leaves tear eyed with the blessings of Maharaj ji. Newer Post Older Post Home. Niru asks about Sagar. She is doing all this for you. Sagar asks her to let Ganga rest, he would get Krishna ready. Her parents died a long time ago, and he has to bear the responsibility of her marriage now.

Niru gives his best wishes for her. You will have to say the shloka along with the answer. I wont let her take Jal Samadhi. The widow girl who lives in your house has challenged my son for a competition. Bal Mahant thinks that he read it last night only. They must practice well for dance. Sagar calls it childish, saying they came to speak to them all.

The punidt ji says Bal Mahant ji gets the points here as Ganga could not say the shloka. Both feed each other. Bal Mahant is my son.

I have a meeting with a senior doc in the evening. Sagar is all set to leave for the ashram. Ganga brings him a saree for her Ganga, as a gift for her wedding.


He has broken the rule. He loudly opposes it. I am not able to do your shrad for the first time but I will do a small puja. Madhvi feels bad for gangaaa Barkha. Pulkit and Supriya come to help Niru get up. Ganga gets a flash back of the accident that took away her father.

She takes him with her. I wish your ego breaks and my Sagar gets away from you.

Niru comes downstairs wearing another shirt rather than what Madhvi had kept outside for her. I will not apologise.

But it will be good if she stays in the hostel as it is nearby. She is doing all this for you. She even challenged Mahant ji.

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Please stop the girl. He even claps for her. She will be declared a loser if she does not come. Sagar tells his mother that Ganga will be waiting for him. When will he take birth on Earth?



Amma ji allows him to come as his own house, here. Bal Mahant cannot think of any other shloka. Sagar is sure that Ganga will give the answer this time. Why is she facing this all. Both the participants will be asked questions.

People talk against Sagar. Niru announces that Supriya has won this sensibly. She leaves tear eyed with the blessings of Maharaj ji. Sagar is worried as Ganga has not read any religious book. Amma ji narrates them Geeta.

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He hopes Ganga wins or she will be forced to take Jal Samadhi. Bal Mahant gets thinking too.

Gagnga comes outside, Madhvi compliments her. She also knows about his whereabouts.