She says yes, Sagar and Ganga are of each other. He holds it around her neck. Prabha and yash characters end…. Sagar says wait, my reply is still there and winks to Jhanvi. Are you a doc? Jhanvi also applies haldi to Pulkit. How could I leave like that? Amma ji and Madhvi were hopeful that no matter Pulkit and Supriya win the game, Ganga and Sagar would win the game of life.

She falls over him and her tears fall over his face. He gets shocked again. He says Ganga, that was childhood moment, how did you take it so seriously, you are stupid, I never thought this about you. She knows that her life partner will stand by her in every problem. Niranjan says no one will tell you anything, you know Amma ji, why did you feel bad of her words, you used to complain a lot about her to me in childhood, why did you not tell me. He asks what are you doing.

Ganga refuses to go. Light goes off at night. Sagar feels her face while applying cosmetics. Your FIL had come to forcibly take you with him. Pulkit bhaiya has shown me such a good example.

Sagar recalls the childhood moment, when he has filled sindoor in her maang, when Ganga asks him to apply sindoor to her so that she becomes a shield for him. She tells him not to scare her. Kashish wipes her tears and composes herself.


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Nothing should happen to Ganga. Amma ji says like mother like son. She moves back and the black beads fall.

She says yes, Sagar and Ganga are of each other. He says maybe you are saying right, I haveseen it and ignored, you were always my lovely friend, who understood my heart without my saying, that friendship can change in love.

She is shocked to know he will leave her again. Ganga keeps looking at Sagar with love. She asks Ganga to make food and not come here. I will just talk to him.

Sagar was still packing. Ganga says sorry, I m very happy, even if you slap me, I will think Maa is giving pat with love, I will go and make tea for everyone.

Sagar and Ganga buy all the items from the list. Janvi asks her how she knows it.

She cries and leaves. Prabha adds fuel to the fire. Sagar holds Ganga, calling her as fat. Ganga gets sad and walks on the stormy road.

Madhvi tells her not to speak like this today atleast.

Gangaa episode 231

He thinks of something and excuses himself for a minute. She sees Ganga and applies haldi to Sagar. Everyone dance on London thumakda………. Ganga says I was just. He holds her hand and stops her. Janvi gives him coffee but Ganga holds out a glass of turmeric milk for him. Posted by TheUpdatersoftelenovelasgh at Sagar asks Ganga do you wish to marry. Dil jude bina hi tut gaye…………plays………. Sagar says whats wrong if the guy is broad minded and loves Ganga.


Supriya told me that she has told you everything about her previous alliance breaking up and of their financial status. Sagar says the guy is infront of you. She calls out for everyone. Ganga and Sagar talk while they play truthand dare game.

They enjoy the ride together. Zeeworld international Programa de TV. Niranjan asks her to come out with them. Second round of the game is a bit funny to watch… And third round… Sagar as he grew up seeing Ganga does make up perfectly as he knew the measurements of her face in perfect inch by inch…the scene is perfectly shot. He says I have told that three words which you wanted to hear, your love won Ganga.