Zach almost wets himself when Lucy puts a knife to his throat… Friday 19 May Episode Breakfast is a tense affair at the Diale house. I also see Nolwazi falling for Smanga. I like Smanga’s office, it’s beautiful. Wow, welcome back Tau. Lol no my darling, Karabo isn’t coming back. I like the actress that plays Siphesihle. Morningss, yoo July teaser ziyakhipha mann, so Gog Flo is not going anywhere still with Generations. Can it be looked on that angle before we dismiss the storyline?

Isn’t it obvious that Pops was not working alone and that he gave his helpers or associates those numbers, like those shady guys that came to give Getty a note from Pops? Primetimer 18 Jun I didn’t say Smanga is a bad actor guys. Anyway, I think teasers are not good because they prevent the element of suspense and anticipation. Exactly how an affluent kingpin should live and appear. Lol dezicles sometimes Namhla thinks we are in a theatre ,she must calm down. Anyway I stopped reading generationsthelegacy tweets about 6 months ago.

That means Namhla is rich now. But I think it is.

Channels in this post: Monday 1 August Episode Mazwi snubs his new wife. The look on Karabo’s face when Legacg got upset was pure gold. She is gonna get Kobus killed by Jack.

Generations Episodes – February – SABC Evoke

I’m just a viewer and I am not intimidated by him too. Two brothers bare their souls before God. Edit My Account Settings. I’m probably way too invested when watching something, I listen to every detail, check the surroundings generatlons I always get everything said, so I probably view TV shows acting shows on a different light than everyone else.


Primetimer when Nolwazi came to the Moroka house ,I got the feeling Tau is coming the same nyt. For the first time in a long time I am excited about a storyline involving Mazwi. I miss Zondiwe for her superb acting. I am pissed right now. Maybe that could also shut her up a bit.

Lsgacy there is room for improvement. Cosmo is shocked by what he finds under his desk. I liked the convo between Smanga and Sipho the political journo.

Generations Teasers – August 2016

Lebs5 19 Jun Anyway, the teaser says, Gadaffi tests Jack’s new second-in-command. People say Smanga will bring out the best in her, I don’t know. As for Xolelwa yesterday to start the drug business was not on.

Must Karabo be so annoying? Nolwazi liked your move sana, i dont like Sphe bethuna, wdze would love if Grandpa Tebogo can see her ealier. I could just steal him! At last we now know the name of Jack’s hitman, James!

Her way or no way. How evil of her. Better actors come and leave abruptly. I wouldn’t want to have any dealings with him in any way. Jack must get out of jail. Goku ccast Jul DeziclesThagawd i think she casr refering to her look cz she had a weave on that pic not dreads so myb miss the previous look Although the blackmail thing is still so lame to me.


Tshidi tells Fana to go ahead and file legxcy divorce. Jack Mabaso makes me fall in love with this soap more and more! Mad respect for Mr V! Lol I wonder how they get them so early.

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He looked very happy. Yesterday she was at it again with Namhla and Lesedi.

Now I know why they are sometimes called spoilers!! Jack now has to have the upper hand on Gaddafi with this one. I love Xolelwa ,I don’t mind her getting some screen time ,surely we have to mix the drama with some bit of comedy.

Tonight’s episode was some great television. Production of the series stopped on 11 August when 16 principal actors started withholding their services following wage disputes, a cut of R million in royalties and lgacy extended contracts.

Lol, looks like the ice is breaking between Tshidi and Gadaffi, which makes me believe even more that Jack and her will happen.

Nolwazi must tone it down a bit for the relationship to have a balance. This political idea was Jack’s scheme to use him.

But I have a feeling she also has some Zinzi in her! Primetimer 29 Jun