He had a recurring guest role on the Disney Channel series Wizards of Waverly Place , where he played Alex ‘s love interest Mason Greyback he reprised his role in 4 episodes of season 3 and returned to the series in its fourth season, [10] and through to its finale. Follow Just Jared Jr. Harper’s parents comes to town to audition for a gig as a train vaudeville act in Romania. The person in charge of the haunted house, Mr. Retrieved 10 June In order to make him a better artist, Alex takes matters into her own hands by putting a spell on Mason to make her his new artistic inspiration, which ends up on Mason kissing Alex in the rain.

Mon, 16 October In the end of the episode, Alex proves that she loves her mother more than magic by discarding the egg of a FuChicken see “Magical objects” section below which would have told who would win the wizard competition. At odds with Justin, Mason transforms into a full Werewolf and starts to attack Justin, which results in being attacked by Juliet. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Retrieved 10 June Justin and Zeke hold an e-waste drive for old electronics in order to save themselves for the “Robot Revolution”. Meanwhile, Justin has gained newfound popularity by taking credit for the prank and also to get more votes for his campaign. Bill Chott as Mr.

He also has some questions he wants answered: Jerry lectures her as the main title card appears. With her generous wavegly, Alex becomes the winner of the Citizenship award and when Justin puts the truth spell on her to find if she used magic to get the award, he purposefully leaves it on causing her to tell the truth about everyone during her award ceremony speech and then causing everyone to hate her. Laritate, Gregg Sulkin as Mason.

Gregg Sulkin

Laritate, Wavedly Kiyoko as Stevie Absent: After Harper finds out that her parents are moving to Pittsburghthe Russos offer to clear out their basement so she can live with them and stay in New York. Wizards of Waverly Place showrunner Todd J.


Justin is now a graduated wizard and no longer waberly to take wizard training classes with his fellow siblings. Shakira as herself Guest stars: In the kitchen, Max Jake T. However, Justin hires a smooth jazz band instead of a rock band, which angers Alex.

Gregg Sulkin: Mason Greyback

While Alex and Harper clean out the basement to make room for Harper’s things, they find Alex’s old doll house. However, Max, tasked with capturing the game on videotape, is too fascinated with the camera, conducting somewhat embarrassing zoom-in shots of Theresa and Jerry, and forgets all about the action on the court. Meanwhile, Justin creates a water-powered engine, while Max “creates life” by finding items under his bed and putting in a barbecue grill.

The Russos manage to escape with Alex declaring they need to tell the world the truth to save the wizard world. City of WestminsterLondonEngland. Archived from the original on 2 February However, Alex learns that being in the act is not all fun and games and soon wants out. Then the four friends walk to school. Justin begins his Monster Hunting course and senses that there are three unregistered monsters on Waverly Place.

However, they then learn that Mason is being held against his will by a family of hillbilly wizards who will agree to give Mason back to Alex in exchange for the Russos’ wizard world portal.

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Retrieved 6 December He gets annoyed and then uses magic to put her into the mirror. Wizards of Waverly Place. Later Theresa finds out about it and admonishes him for lying. This is the final season playing the original version wizzrds the series theme song. There were a few, but that was weird.

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Cohen as Swiss Army Elf. The government raids the wizard world and arrests many wizards, including Professor Crumbs and Chancellor Rudy Tootietootie, as well as Mason along with the Russo family. It wizads nothing to do with Wizards. The government finds out that the Russo family are wizards, and takes them into custody to find out more.


He later landed the starring role in the British release Sixty Sixand subsequently became known for appearing in the Disney Channel comedy series As the Bell Rings and Wizards of Waverly Place. Retrieved 4 June She becomes suspicious and follows him one night.

Meanwhile, Justin trains for finding the mummy that took away Juliet, so Jerry gives Justin goggles where you can see behind you so Justin wouldn’t have to look into the mummy’s eyes and get turned to his minion. Because of that, Mason, who had transformed to his human form, reverts back to a wolf as a form of revenge from the hillbillies. Alex which premiered on Disney Channel in March The Sarah Jane Adventures. Become a Fan on Facebook!

Greenwald remembers too — and he also remembers the rules. Later, Mason meets Max, who manages to take him to Alex. List of Wizards of Waverly Place episodes.

At odds with Justin, Mason transforms into a full Werewolf and starts to attack Justin, which results in being attacked by Juliet. Austin and even the creator Todd J. It made for a memorable, random episode. Max also declares himself as king, so the two girls have to obey his commands. For his first official monster hunting assignment, Justin is dispatched to capture a mind controlling mummy after all of the other monster hunters are apparently killed in action.

Alex and Stevie become friends, much to Harper’s dismay. Sulkin portrayed Liam Booker. Sulkin made his acting debut in the mini-series Doctor Zhivago. Since he took his mother’s advice, he tells Nancy his secret about being a sulkkn. Laritate where he already has a western themed job.