Retrieved November 7, The security expert confesses to the mechanic’s murder, but Moriarty says the murderer has not been found. The investigation reveals that the murderer was after a smuggled treasure, the Imperial Jade Seal of China. Lin claims she knew Mycroft well, getting her off on the wrong foot with Joan, but Sherlock takes the case. The detectives locate Haley’s former boyfriend, and though the man is innocent, he informs them that Haley was suffering from a illness. Sherlock tells his father that Lukas’ predecessor was spying on Morland, agreeing to investigate the case of Morland’s shooting due to his anger at his reputation being besmirched.

Retrieved October 25, Meanwhile, Joan is exhorted by Morland to find a mole in his organization because an important deal fell through. Holmes and Watson search for a killer choosing victims based on the predictions of a deceased man who claimed to foresee the future deaths of others, including the murder of Sherlock Holmes. The two of them find out with help from Morland that the bomber is connected to an Iranian diplomat in the organization, Hashemi, who is bent on deposing Vikner as leader. A man named Gordon Cushing, whose wife disappeared in , receives two severed human ears along with a ransom note. Sherlock tells his father that Lukas’ predecessor was spying on Morland, agreeing to investigate the case of Morland’s shooting due to his anger at his reputation being besmirched.

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Also, Holmes finds himself the victim of identity theft after his medical records are stolen. The land owner had the archaeologist killed to prevent him from revealing the chemicals and blowing a multi-million dollar deal.

Lukas demands 5 million euros zeason keep his mouth shut, at which point Morland heavily implies that he had Lukas’ predecessor killed for a similar transgression. Holmes then reveals that he is once again angry with his brother because the gang that wanted Mycroft dead have since all been murdered so he could come out of hiding, but he has not contacted Sherlock.

Sherlock discovers that the security expert did not see the murderer flee 20 years ago.


At the same time, Detective Cortez visits the precinct to ask for Joan’s help finding an elusive suspect. Retrieved May 22, After getting suspended by Gregson at the end of the episode “M. Retrieved June 21, Tracking down a known smuggler, Sherlock and Joan discover the smuggler murdered and the fossil destroyed. Retrieved February 13, Retrieved October 26, Sherlock investigates a case of a very wealthy man who was poisoned.

After finding that the man was killed in a suspicious hit-and-run accident, Sherlock looks into the victim’s conspiracy theories in order to see if he had hit on anything that might have made him a target. Moriarty reveals that she faked her murder to distract Sherlock from interfering with her plans, though she did not anticipate his drug overdose.

Meanwhile, Joan signs up for an online dating site and uses the opportunity to chastise Sherlock for his lack of meaningful relationships. Sherlock then realizes she is Moriarty.

Retrieved January 31, But when the murder is resolved fairly quickly, a larger and more sinister plot begins to reveal itself. Sherlock and Joan uncover several unethical and criminal activities going on at the hospital in the course of their investigation into the murder, and Joan finds out she may be “a better doctor than she is a friend.

Eventually, Sherlock figures out that this friend was responsible for the earlier bombings and that they were working together in a scheme to help the first suspect, a real estate developer, win a contract. When Sherlock deduces that a former henchman of Moriarty’s is behind a child kidnapping, Moriarty is brought in, with electroshock restraints, to episoode track down the kidnappers.

Retrieved February 5, Sherlock catches up to Ezra as he tries to leave the sason on a plane owned by a member of “Everyone. Sherlock encourages Joan to learn self-defense, eventually admitting to her that he knows she is no longer his official sober companion. Meanwhile Holmes investigates claims by his father that it is Moriarty who is trying to kill him.

The NYPD investigates the death of Haley Tyler, who was stabbed before she fell off of a balcony and landed on a truck. Retrieved September 30, She responds that she and Sherlock are busy, too, and do not deserve to be left hanging.


When Joan confronts Cortez, the woman voices a dislike of consultants investigating cops and suspicions about Sherlock and Joan’s sudden return to the force. Retrieved September 2, He also says that he has been banking his own blood and asks Joan if she will check on a blood bank in New York. Retrieved November 22, An illegal high roller poker game is robbed and the organizer of the game, Lin Wen, comes to Sherlock and Joan for help.

Meanwhile, Joan takes drastic measures to ensure that Shinwell is not drawn back into a life of crime after her sister Lin sees him with a member of his old gang.

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Watch Now With Prime Video. Joan can see Sherlock is still struggling with his conflicting feelings for Moriarty, but is also annoyed they have been discussing Joan’s love life in their letters.

After Lydon kills his driver, however, Sherlock finds himself intrigued enough to take the case. Retrieved April 19, It turns out to be a revenge killing by a mortician who had stumbled on a scam in an assisted living facility and was then assaulted for it by the deceased. Season 2 DVD “. Afterwards, Morland tries to reconcile with his son, saying that he intends to stay in New York indefinitely and hopes streaminv work with Sherlock again.

At the scene, Sherlock and Joan find the body of his victim, another mobster. However, the evidence begins to shake his confidence in his own character. Use the HTML below. Sherlock deduces that Adam has Stockholm syndrome and sympathizes with him to help find the killer.