Back in his room, Rumaty is stubbornly disagreeing with Quinza; his serving man, over wearing the holy cloth, which is worn on the head to show respect to their sun god; Quinza threatens to slit his own throat unless he wears the cloth. Lee-leng injures himself as he tries to protect Kajika. Views Read Edit View history. Despite Najayra’s plot, Kajika is not affected by this and asks Carl about the quarrels between their fathers. Kajika sees that the boy has blue eyes with black hair and finds it strange and interesting. Shikabane hime aka Shibakane hime kuro s2.

Eugene, unable to contact Kajika, decides to go to Japan to meet her friend Yui. Kajika tells Lee-leng that she wants to go to Raginei but he becomes worried about Kajika and refuses. Argument ensues that as the head of the Huang group it is his obligation to settle down and produce an heir, to which Lee-leng refuses. In addition to Eugene’s candidacy suspicion, Li-Ren also has an uneasy feeling about him, and looks into his background. Kajika transfers to a Japanese middle school from America and becomes good friends with her classmate Yui Yamate, and stays in Japan for a day. Finally, Lee-leng realizes that he can give up everything he has just to be with Kajika. In the woods, they encountered two persons from the Hong Kong Street Kids a small scale gangster group.

Toranosuke was told by Harry that his contract is up but he was persistent on continuing to follow and help Kajika at seiwhounen own free will. Kajika, Goslen and Hqnasakeru escape the hideout using an underground maze. However, irritated by Li-Ren’s actions, Eugene decides that he won’t let things end like that and that very night, Eugene sneaks Kajika out of the house right past Li-Ren’s security.

Meanwhile Maria comes to visit Kajika. Kajika, Fred and Harry heads to Raginei to visit Mahaty. Meanwhile, Li-Ren as trusted by Quinza to, used the Huang’s family influences to hurriedly find both Kajika and Rumati.

Kajika later thinks about the strange connection she feels towards Raginei and wonders why she feels that way. He carries on hqnasakeru that he’s in love and she’s ignoring him, she tells him that he’s not one of the men her dad picked for the game and in enters, Rumati Ivan, the second prince of Raginei.


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Things have changed in the seishouneb year, there is an uprising in the North of Raginei and while Noei is rallying forces to fight he doesn’t believe that having no monarchy is in the best interest for the country. Published by corinne – dans H commenter cet article …. Archived copy as title Articles containing Japanese-language text Wikipedia articles in need of updating from July All Wikipedia articles in need of updating Articles with Japanese-language external links.

Kajika sneaks out because she can’t sleep and meets Rumati on the way out, they start to talk, unwanted by Rumati, and learn new stuff about each hanasaieru, Rumati gives his cloth to Sejshounen and minutes later they run into assassins. He promises her that he’ll return soon. Everyone is worried about how Rumaty will receive the news about Raginei. Li-Ren determines that getting involved with Eugene is dangerous, and locks Kajika in her room.

With this in mind Kajika visits Rumaty and shows a flashback to a time in which she vvf Lee-leng seemed to be closer. Noei arrives in Singapore and is shocked by how much Rumaty has changed. Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin Seikon no Qwaser. Mahaty and Kathleen talked.

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The Wallflower Funny Moments flawlessvictory20 8 years ago. And one thing led to another. In the present, Kajika learns of the truth behind her father’s lineage.

Furthermore, Harry strikes an emotional eepisode to Lee-leng with seishouen grueling reality. Lee-leng was able to rescue Noei with the help of the priest though on the way to meeting up with Kajika, they come face to face with the seiishounen. Noei was then treated and he refused to admit that it was Rumati’s older brother who fears that Rumati will succeed the throne who ordered the killing.

Hidan No Aria Lee-leng points a gun at Zao stating that both of them should wait whilst the Elders decide what to do with Lee-leng but as Zao was to command his personally hired bodyguards to his aid, Lieutenant Noei, sent by Rumaty to help Kajika, appears together with his comrades to save Lee-leng from being held captive in his mansion in Singapore. The sisters shriek and leave, telling Kajika that she would regret it.


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Wing of roar World destruction X Xenosaga Y. Before they can talk much, Carl’s three sisters barge in, filled with anger about lowering their allowance toa month. In the present, Kajika visits Fred. Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka Kajika is confused about what kind of love she feels for her friends and has a talk with Eugene about it.

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After the meet, Kajika tells Harry that she wants to cut ties with him in order to be able to leave out the Burnsworth name and find Lee-Leng again. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Will he leave it for his brother to rule?

Carl gets them even more frustrated and is about to leave the room when one of his sisters turns off the lights, knowing that he is claustrophobic and the dark reminds him of when he was trapped in a well. Kajika sits there and waits until Carl comes from work. Views Read Edit View history. G Ga rei zero Galaxi railways Getsumen to heiki. Kajika’s bodyguard Haga Toranosuke comes to save her but is unable to because one guy holds her, so she gets into the car and agrees to go.

seishouneen She decides to do anything in her power to help him. Knowing that Kajika and Carl are corporate enemies, Najayra enjoys trying to elicit a reaction from the two. Episode 1 English Sub Anime Queen 4 years ago. CS1 Japanese-language sources ja CS1 maint: