I do not think I will be working on making subtitles, since I did the summaries on my leisure time. Kosem says what good Atike? Ibrahim says she threatened my brother Murad using us, his brothers. Were you ever able to? Nothing will happen to my brother right? Youtube has blocked worldwide the channel that was used to show the series by the copyright owners.

She says look at the condition I have fallen into! Ibrahim says true, all the fault lies with you, you are in this plot, you get together with my mother to dig my pit. Ibrahim, Atike and Humasah are waiting. Their only concerns are to fill their coffers. Just pretended what he did didn’t happen? Kosem says I am full with your words of poison, thank you. Ibrahim says to the guards why are you all waiting, did you not hear my order?! Kemo says the time has come to speak to the elders – Ahmet is a weak person, a nobody, if we wish to the fight – we must get a check.

And thank you for your work, for the 3-rd season! Turhan says of course this can be discussed and a middle ground found Who dares to kill hari, padisah seazon the world? While he remains on the throne, our anger cannot subside.

The grand vizier has invited us, we must go but we must take precautions as we do not know what these types of people are up to. Haci send word to Huseyin pasha, the time has come. We have the spending for the campaign and then the famine The Janissaries say there is no going back on the cause!


Kosem says we should leave the past in the past so pe isn’t used against us! I wanted to come meet and speak with you before, to explain everything The Janissaries are revolting and about to fall upon the palace and you’re still worrying about women! Kemankes says my sultana, do not worry, nothing bad will happen to him, he will be locked in a room as per the rules.

What did you think? Whatever is to happen, I will watch it personally. Are you willing for this?! Turhan says I have nothing to do with it? What would I do without you? If I hadn’t killed him he would have killed me. When was our majesty ever on my side for me to be on his? He opens a box of gold coins. We should take precautions so that she solyan unsuccessful. Mehmet says I have gained some intelligence from our majesty She says what could be the matter that it couldn’t wait until morning?

EPISODE 29 (59) MUHTESEM YUZYIL KOSEM: MURAD IV | Muhtesem Yuzyil English Translations

Hopefully she returns and fixes these problems! We want assembly, we want assembly! Ibrahim says of course, they will come here to the palace to take my life! Have I not appointed each one of you and now you see this fit for me?

I will agree to alliance with you, but I have certain hari. As usual your arrogance has blinded you. We will do his enthronement here, in the barracks.


Hareem al sultan season 2 episode 1

Sivekar comments to the other consorts – have you seen Kosem sultana’s earrings? Ibrahim starts to say well he’s got a feast and the janissaries – But Cinco starts pretend choking. Tonight, you will have a feast in your palace and invite the elders of the barracks.

Ibrahim says “you are worrying for no reason, soon Yarim will have the entire palace covered in fur, not just my room. As if this spending wasn’t enough, the treasury of Egypt has been given to her. Of course then it is possible for you even to buy it on the international market.

Kosem says Would hafim happen while I am around, do they not trust me at all? Harem El Sultan 2. In the barracks an elder says and what has the grand vizier written? The pasha asks how?

Cinci says “your favourite Zarife and Osman have gone off the way of truth and have converted to Christianity. Atike says and he lied. Ibrahim imagine sees shadows and again and runs off. In the hall, Kosem arrives.