However, the day before Valentine’s Day, she refuses his box of home-made chocolates, saying that she has reconciled with her boyfriend and that they are now together once more. This is because Saeko loves chocolate. Ranked Popularity Members 1, I know he goes out with another girl. Matsujun plays such a dork; I love his role. May 10, [11]. Kyoto Taika-Hen 1 Rurouni Kenshin:

When it rain pretty boys in jdorama land, it pours. Be the first to make a review here! No reviews have been submitted for this title. The actions of the characters have always consequences and they have good and bad effects in the other characters. I was thinking of waiting to marathon this but you got me all curious. Souta and another girl start going out. Love isn’t always butterflies and rainbows Feb 14, to Dec 27, Genres:

The actions of the characters have always consequences and they have good and bad effects in the other characters. However, Shitsuren Chocolatier still is great, just not excellent. If any one does like the main hero, the girl that he’s obsessively in love with will be an instant turn off to the story. Matsumoto Jun’s character is so weird but yet so cute and funny to watch, lol. Because his girlfriend loves big chocolate, every day, Souta tries to polish his chocolate-making skill.

Everything if my opinion and I often have very weird opinions on things. But she does it in a realistic way. After the loss, Sota travels to France to be employed by a renowned brand of chocolate and continues chasing his “fairy”. In love, not everyone is a winner Retrieved October 30, Okay, that just made me sound like a pervert but no, I get sooooo frustrated sometimes when watching jdramas with just the main characters kissing with their lips touching against each other that I’m about to throw a pillow at my monitor screen and say, ” C’MON THAT’S IT?!?!?!


Mar 17, Souta is just like a normal person who experience unrequited love in his life.

It has many of my favourite actors and actresses in it and I like that the story is kind of light and silly. The Pains of Unrequited Love. I was almost devastated that he didnt end up with Erena cause I think that they suited each other very well! I originally wanted to use a much stronger word there but refrained. What a pretty drama set! And sadly, there are exceedingly stupid [and materialistic girls] like that out there too. Waiting for this show will be the death of me.

Even though this series isn’t categorized as smut on MU yet, I also recall a sex scene with Souta and Kaoruko in volume 2. Add to My List. I’ve never thought about that ship before but they actually look kinda cute together!

Jdrama: Heartbroken Chocolatier Episodes

The truth is that the main character has delusional way of understanding love and he is not able to stop being heartbrokdn with a girl. Saeko visits him again and he is determined to pursue her for many years to come, irrespective of her cool and superficial marriage to a powerful man and many opinions from his peers and coworkers about chocolattier obsession and whether Saeko is, indeed, just playing around with Sota.


After graduating from high school, Sota Koyurugi Matsumoto Jun studies bakery at an institute. Sunday, February 23, Jdrama Review: But the chocolates look epic.

Reading Shitsuren Chocolatier made me feel like I was watching a cchocolatier and his romantic life through a window. I think its much better if doesn’t involve with romance. If Souta were real.

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Anime and Manga portal. Shitsuren Shokoratietrans. And sometimes it can be very intense and dark: Another thing to look forward to in this drama is the kissing and bed scenes.

More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: And if were a few years older, I’d marry him. January 9, [7]. Watch list in order of priority: It is a process of gaining knowledge through experience and healing themselves of their obsessions and hearttbroken. The screencap doesn’t really do its justice.

Shitsuren Chocolatier Mini Review. To make Saeko love him, he travels to France with little money and studies chocolate there. You must be logged in to update information on this page. The ending was pretty frustrating but kind of glad Souta moved forward from being his clingy-Saeko-depended life.

It doesn’t draw the reader into the emotions of the manga like an excellent drama would. Gifs from dramalatte on tumblr.