Get bent, love, an angry super mega lesbian who has had enough. These people are genuine. So far I’ve found none. But if such situations take place – there is such thing as heterophobia. New to Old Created: I’ve heard things like “you haven’t gone through it” or “they have it so easy”.

My Trade Thread Casual Decks: How many genders are there? I may just be misinformed but I thought whatever you were born as, you either identified as a male or a female, neither or both. Grid View List View. Me once again laughing at tumblr people who are triggered by a canon straight ship: However, I see similarities between how people openly criticize Catholicism but when Islam is criticized people start tossing around the word Islamophobia.

It’s a terrible thing that really needs to completely stop. Sounds about right, yeah.

Is it a mmovie thing? But humans are humans and even thought we’ve come a long way, there’s always going to be homophobic people who really live in the wrong century. PSA from my sonic recolour ocs.

JavaScript is required to view this site. I think I should rename this topic then, what you just pointed out is by far more interesting and has a broad spectrum we can discuss. Is their such thing as heterophobia? Magic Market Index for Feb 1st, Do you believe it is justifiable to describe the United States as benign hegemony?

I’m not denying that at all. In fact no one should ever have to deal with assumptions made about their life on the basis of it. This so called and self serving social justice that’s becoming common, specially on the newest generations.


It’s just plain wrong and shows a genuine disregard for logic and the English language in favour of ‘social justice’. I mean i respect the LGBT community, but i don”t like it when i’m labelled and assumed to be bad just because i’m straight and “cis gendered”.

We have the right to fear being beaten to death in the streets by heterosexual thugs. Queer people simply hate straight people. Should security be tighter during times of celebration?

anti heterophobia

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Heterophobia Is Not Real

Also, using the word “homosexual” with heteropyobia homosexual is now considered an insult, according to many posts I’ve seen on said blog. We have the right to be afraid of being discriminated against in the work place by heterosexual employers.

It’s not on the same level or intensity as homophobia, sinde homophobia is far more common, but it should not be ignored. In a sense Heterophobia could be real but that’d be only in times of fear for our lives as we are literally targeted, hunted down and harmed and killed intentionally.

Those people I found out during my Tumblr adventures were acting on the verge of religious fanatism One time, I tried starting a Straight-Straight Alliance club at my school to lure out the heteros, but all I got was a one piece swimsuit, a croissant, and a picture of Ben Stiller.


Remember the Elton John mea culpa performance? To think, some people just look at porn. There is no such thing as heterophobia.

Is their such thing as heterophobia? |

They were being harrassed and degraded, called names and slurs, because of being gay. Originally posted by kyotemeru-arts. To be honest it sounds like they hate people that are comfortable being who they are.

That requires strength in numbers gays don’t have and heterosexuals do. The amount of conversations where a person’s opinion is instantly discounted because of being straight and white and male is pretty astonishing.

Should California cancel Daylight Savings?

It’s not like defending a racist tumbor as just being a joke an actually good argument in that context. What straight people call “heterophobia” doesn’t come close to comparing to the reality of homophobia. History’s greatest criminals have all been heterosexual.

Is it really that important to them to maintain the segregation they’re fighting against? But watch this conversation, I find it sad and hilarious.