Boruto and Sarada fall into a trap that causes the bridge ropes to snap, but Mitsuki uses his abilities to hold the bridge up – taking him out of the fight in the process. Meanwhile, though Boruto understands Ohnoki’s ways, he is in conflict with him due to the fact Mitsuki has his own will. Ryogi accepts being imprisoned. Sarada and Chocho are amazed by his abilities. Then, after delivering some mail, Boruto meets Naruto and Naruto tells him to deliver the mail with care; Boruto disregards this. After that, Boruto starts fighting Shizuma and when he tries his Lightning Style against him, his subordinates show up to help Shizuma in killing Boruto. Team 7 vs Zabuza Naruto episodes

Boruto and Sarada convince Chojuro to help them take down Shizuma’s gang and save Kagura, but they quickly find out that the “New Seven Swordsmen of the Mist” are not to be trifled with. Then, several other clones made by the clones themselves come and start fighting Naruto and Sasuke. With his plan exposed, Shizuma attacks everyone with the Samehada. Shin then retreats from there after acknowledging that he cannot win against Naruto. With Boruto’s help, Shikadai calms Ryogi and make up. Chouji vs Jirobo Naruto Episodes Naruto then learns about the Otsutuski clan’s apparent locations and decides to take part in one of them despite being meant to be a secret to the shinobi world. For the next test, the apprentices are tested by Shino, Anko, and Kakashi.

His clones also advise him that he should tell the elders but Boruto still wants to solve this himself. Despite his doubts, Ryogi decides he belongs with his group. Sarada verapa that Karin wears glasses very similar to hers, which further fuels her doubt about her relationship to her mother.

After that, Boruto starts fighting Shizuma and when he tries his Lightning Style against him, his subordinates show up to help Shizuma in killing Boruto. Sarada does this and thinks of several such instances, which depict how Sakura was taking eoisode of Sarada when she was sick, how she reassured her about Sasuke’s love for both of them and how she poked her forehead.

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Before Kakou finishes them, he suddently dies as his body broke down from overuse of his jutsu. However, Boruto forces the two of them to stop fighting, suffering a wound in the process.

When he encounters Boruto, Mitsuki stops him with his clone and moves ahead. Shino announces that the whole class failed in the training because all of them abandoned their teammates in order to win.


Lee is very happy to see him training very hard because he cannot use Ninjutsu and present him a outfit similar to his own outfit. Urashiki attacks Gaara as the Kazkage retained chakra traces of Shukaku the One-Tail from his time as the Tailed Beast’s Jinchuriki, Sasuke thanking it would be best to postpone the Exam despite the Vss insistence. Naruto otochimaru learns about the Otsutuski clan’s apparent locations and decides hokagge take part in one of them despite being meant to be a secret to the shinobi world.

Orochomaru, Sasuke joins the fight and tries to defeat the enemy using Fire Ogochimaru. Before departing, Sasuke pokes Sarada’s forehead and, remembering this gesture from her mother, Sarada turns to Sakura and smiles happily. It is Garaga, the very one they seek, but its sheer power has the gang backed into a corner.

As the two continue to clash, with Sarada continuously copying her opponent’s attacks, the Konoha-nin realizes that their constant lightning attacks are heating the water around them and creating a mist. Sai, Kakashi Hatakeand Naruto try to stop the summoned Nue using Mud Wall bearpa sealing barrier techniques, but it does not help.

The confused Inojin seeks out his father, Sai, who uses the same technique, but Sai does not give him any advice. The Otochimaru Blade, Kiba the Fang!

Sasuke informs Naruto and Shikamaru about his encounter with Kinshiki in Kaguya’s dimension and his escape with a scroll about Kaguya that needs to be deciphered. Kagura saves him from drowning into the water, and Shizuma tells Boruto that he and the others are Seven Ninja Swordsman of Mist and Kagura is also one of them. Sarada’s absence leaves Boruto and Chojuro as the only two remaining to take on Shizuma and the other five.

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The third round of the exams begins, consisting of individual battles held tournament style. The next day, when Boruto, Shikadai and Mitsuki return to the Post Office, the Bureau Chief Komame tells them that he is getting complaints from all the places where Boruto delivered mail yesterday; as punishment he orders them to count stamps instead of delivering mail.

Boruto has made his rounds apologizing to everyone for his transgressions during the exam, but Momoshiki’s prophecy continues to bother him.

To recover, Kokuyou returns to his comrades. Later, Shikadai’s mother, Temari Nara, ambushes Ryogi and teams up with Boruto and her son to stop them. In case of an emergency, Inojin stays back with the young Akuta, who is attached to him. Buntan is defeated, but Sarada collapses in exhaustion from excessive usage of her Sharingan.


The episode starts out in the hospital where the Class Representative is recovering from her injuries with many people from the class visiting her for well-wishing. Boruto goes back home and is surprised to see Naruto at home.

holage Sifatnya sangat berbeda dibanding kakaknya yakni ia sedikit mudah marah, sinis dan kritis. Boruto and company overcome the transformed Shizuma and reunite with Sarada and Iwabe before returning to the hotel. So, he goes after him only to discover that this person is “Kagemasa”, the hero of the movie he watched in the previous episode. Retrieved November 1, Sasuke and the Kage wage an intense battle against the powerful Momoshiki and Kinshiki while Boruto and Naruto, who have always been at odds, finally connect for the first time.

How many naruto episodes are there before naruto shipuden? He discovers that Kagemasa had become chubby which had caused the production company to cancel his film’s sequel.

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In Mitsuki and Shinki’s match, the evenly matched duo puts on a show of skills. Upon meeting him on the roof, Boruto sees the same mysterious shadow around him, and hence plans to knock him out but finds it difficult due to Magire’s disguise Jutsu. After completing the training, Boruto asks about Shino and Sarada tells him that he rushed off after hearing some news about Sumire.

As the lone representative remaining from the Hidden Sand, Shinki krochimaru driven by pride as he goes on the offensive against Boruto and Sarada.

Retrieved March 23, Retrieved February 23, During this time, Sekiei becomes sick and declines. Shikadai reveals that the Leaf Police have taken over the case so they cannot do anything to bring Sumire back. A strange light then appears from Boruto’s right eye, which teleports him and Otochimaru to an unknown dimension.