My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 16 Recap. You are commenting using your WordPress. As expected, all parents will wish to see their own daughter becoming dressed as a bride! The viewers are introduce to brand new obstacles that Hotaru and Buchou must face and new characters, including love interests. Seno however said he is only waiting for his own feelings towards Hotaru to ease. From Newcastle upon Tyne to the world. Thank you so much for always providing us with recaps on viikii!

P thks again for dropping by and even leaving a short note. Naohito Fujiki 37 will also return for the new series. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. So, the franchise is soo popular, they went to Rome, Italy. Buchou ended up alone again You are commenting using your WordPress.

She is romantically involved with Buchou and the two are now seriously considers marriage……. D SunshineBaby Welcome back!! Thanks again for the detail recap.

Hotaru no HIKARI : Season 1, 2 and movie review

Finally caught up to episode 8, and I’m also on the same boat for Seno, but it seems like it’s not going to epiisode out that way MerakiTranslations Putting ourselves into everything we translate since Newer Post Older Post Home. It was not executed well plot-wise but character-wise, I think it was spot on. We meet here again after seeing you in the IAL thread.

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Hotaru no Hikari: Eps – My Drama Tea

Sachiko askd what happened and why was he going away for 3 days 2 nite privately and why was he apologising. She then said she is sorry and peisode do what he said. There will be 11 eps and in the last episode, there’s a 15 minute extension no news about the movie yet.

It’s ep 8 already, we don’t have much time left, yet, I keep rooting for the sinking ship named Seno. Posted by Akiramike at Mukai Osamu was sooo much better than guy in season 1.

So, the franchise is soo popular, they went to Rome, Italy. Heading there in two weeks time: All in all I would recommend the hilari season for something fun to watch, but I would just skip the second season if you do not fall in love with the characters. Is episode 10 going to be the last episode?

Hotaru explained because Seno had also hurt his head so they stayed on to ensure the examination reveals his head is not injured too. He tried to explain that he had to meet Hotaru’s parent as this is not his first marriage but the sister said it is ok as they all trust Hotaru and her choices.

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Seno seems balanced in terms of age and position. I marathoned through 5 episodes straight the other day and will finish it up when I hikaari time. Too bad when you know that this is how the story unfolds in the manga…. That and, as a himono-onna, what can I say, this drama suits me. Hotaru and Bucho for life!


Hotaru no Hikari Review | sigh i love kdramas

By sugarplum Started March 4, I was soooo late to watch HNH. Because I’m sensitive, I admit that I teared up with Seno left because the way he hugged Hotaru was so painful.

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Hope this site is good for drama lovers looking for reviews and underrated artists insight! And he needs to really cut the hotsru with Konatsu. I guess the casting was just off with Teshima. The lack of chemistry is apparent to everyone but Hotaru.

Seno becomes interested in Hotaru as the show progresses and sparks are definitely visible, I loved every second of it. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Btw i’m not usually a drama fan, altho i am a truly japan fan.