Those regrets just become part of who we are, along with everything else. Video is violating privacy. When kankar started I was watching Daam too so the simila Show All Channel results. The wrong decisions she had made previously are arousing feelings of guilt inside her. But then, this serial surprised me at many points. This lures us into another twist in the story. It definitely deserves more because of the different and well written script and fine acting by the lead cast but the acting of the young cast, sadly, dimmed its initial glimmer.

The play has come to a very interesting point. Video is violating privacy. I, for one, was sure that she will marry Shehzad. This site uses cookies. Humnasheen just keeps on shocking me over again ; I am wondering how am I gonna handle the final shock in the last episode. Jumping onto conclusions without knowing about the pros and cons and the in-betweens of the scenario might put a person through hell. Jiya Na Jaye Episode 5.

I am sure no one from us would have any idea of his comeback in the serial. What we had predicted a couple of episodes ago is now becoming obvious J It was clear back then and now it is happening to Ismat Ara. The entire background of the two wives and the tussle between them is all over now. Adnan Siddiqui, her opposite as Hasan Hjmnasheen, was just as amazing.

It was this love, that brought them close and form the strong bond of trust, respect and love for each other.

Episode 16 Promo Khalish

Asmat Ara, a woman of conviction and determination who maintained a cool head no matter what the situation remained one of my favourite characters. Ary Zauq is airing Daam once again so I have been watching it only recently again.


Don’t show me this message for some while. Are you sure you want to perform this action? Now you can see that what will be happened with him? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: There are always two sides of a story. The definition of love, I suppose, evolves with time and what seems important at one point of time, loses its value at the other.

The wrong decisions she had made previously are arousing feelings of guilt inside her.

Video is violating privacy. Interested bloggers can email: Of course Hasan Muneer was missed, but his presence remained in each one of the scenes that involved Asmat Ara and Mehrunnisa, both of whom loved him equally. Sitamgar shared Rehaai ‘s video. Report Category Video contains prohibited content. About 2, Results in All Videos channels.

She was even ready to run away with Shehzad!

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. He was, after all, her first love. Humnasheen updated their cover photo. For the first time draa saw a strong, decisive Mehrunnisa who took a decision for herself despite everyone telling her to listen to them instead. Video file is corrupt and is not playable.

She was right; life changes perception of love. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Having a faith in a person while being blinded by their multiple personality features can also cause harm.


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When kankar started I was watching Daam too humnashesn the simila The old enmity of this cunning humansheen Najam with Hassan Munir is now being faced by his son Safeer unknowingly.

I feel it important to mention here that watching each episode has been a joy for me and this joy was always enhanced when I read your reviews. Hassan Munir has passed away, Aaliya the only daughter of Hassan Munir has gotten divorced, and the most episoce and devastating feature of the episode was the loss in business at the hands of Safeer the eldest son in the house.

It is understandable if she chose not to abandon everything to start a new life all over again. The play has come to a very interesting point.

How has been your ‘searching’ experience with us? Report Detail Video contains prohibited content. Feel free to contact via skype ; techdatalinks Contact: Her smile at the end, when she saw Mehrunnisa turn away from Shehzad and move towards her family, depicted that she understood how Mehrunnisa thought and felt. I was waiting for Umera Catch some of the hottest shows shortly after they air, plus the latest in blockbusters and independent film.

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