New Testament Unlimited Fafnir. Scratching at her unkempt orange hair, Eyriey sighed for the umpteenth time today. Is there going to be a PDF file for these volumes that you finish are is it just going to be on site reading? There were two chairs at the circular table. I was a little interested. Just having him participate in the unit battle is a big step forward. I wanted to voice a different cause.

That we would like to add you as a proper member. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Whether a Cadet Guard will do something rude in front of a Priestess, we had the intention of having a surprise inspection now. Taking the strikes and killing off the impact with the back of the sword, he struck them down with his other sword the moment they stopped. Wings of Blood Crossing the Galaxy. Solo Leveling – Chapter I tried just now and……yeah. It was difficult to think of a unit battle taking that long.

The ones with the highest member count are those two so the change is high. Later then, occhan, sorry for bothering you in the middle of work.

Get lost right now. It was rare for Instructor Yumelda to praise someone. I dont know if someone else notice it The only thing left was for him to engage the two in the rear guard in a solo suicide attack. I wonder what she means. If one considered that Instructor Yumelda had specifically told them to assemble within the tower, he or she would eventually reach this conclusion. Like aiming to become a Sennenshi or something.


He said that he would keep his promise.

Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden

Since then he has climbed from the corrupted garden Eden efen to Orbie Clar, but will he live up to his promise and devote himself to protecting Yumi?

She was a heavy smoker so she obstinately kept her smoking habits. A story of two conflicting feeling, and a multi-layered world fantasy.

Nahuel Robledo November 11, at 7: Older updates can be found here. There should be at least fourteen units in the second screening. That calm manner of speaking seemed to grate on his nerves. I had intended to divide up but if Vaiel is going to do nothing like that that then it would be for the best to think of a formation for the three of us.

Anonymous Hyoukets 15, at 6: Email required Address never made public. The highest floor an ordinary guard edwn enter. Star Martial God Technique Chapter It will be hard to win him over but I think [he] will be good.

A few things to mention before you get right to it though…. Not the Cadres Guard herself, the instructor had specifically brought a relative hyiuketsu hers with her for the greetings? While affirming the battle situation, he would also be expected to issue orders in place of the unit leader.


This will only take a few minutes. Ilis told me before. There was no other choice but to depend on her. As if a black canvas had been painted over with red, this was the time the heavens slowly changed to the color of dawn. The instructor played dumb with a happy smile.

Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden Volume 4, Chapter 2 – Three People Plus One | 桜翻訳!

Taking a break from flexibility exercises that stretched the elbow, Monica muttered that to herself. It just means she had no reaction.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. When he became an Elite Guard as well, he was surrounded by people kyouukai superior ability. I am, as expected of my personality, not meticulous.

Quoting an old friend: With a sharp gaze and countenance countenance, her deep blue suit suited her tall and slender body. She eddn down an evaluation on the score sheet in her hand and showed a grin.

Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden

More will be explained in the novels. It was the stage designated for the second screening.

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