Being reliable is by nature sexy. And we get the backstory about De Eon’s biological dad and why Lawyer Shin always visits him. The second time, he can’t be charged but he’s guilty. There’s the head injuries — very, very difficult to fake. Now my telenovela side is coming out and imagining that Hwang DalJoong’s former wife had an affair with the judge, who adopted her daughter after mistakenly believing that Hwang DalJoong killed the wife. Aliiice July 4, at 9: Put yourself in the police shoes, and consider the situation from the point of view of someone who cares about Joon Gook. Nika July 12, at 7:

Perhaps the old man who took him as nephew is related to MGJ. Doesn’t mean it’s not real, but they haven’t given us much as yet. We have all seen the shotgun that blows some guy 20 feet through a wall. Kim Kwang Gyu Supporting Cast. Su-ha and Min Joon-gook, standing by a river. The cops come out with a can of bug fogger they found, and say that there was nothing else. I didn’t think about it at all KDaddict July 4, at 7:

I Hear Your Voice

I do not know why so many defend it. He could then torment Hye-Sung after SuHa is convicted that her mother’s instruction to her, and her instuction to Suha cause Suha his freedom and will cause Hye-sung her life.


Plenty of reasons why, but the main reason is because he keeps making my precious Su-ha cry ;A; still haven’t gotten over Hye-sung’s mom’s death either ;A; 2. I did not like that he vramacrazy amnesia but I am hoping that the writers will not betray us. After the cell phone incident, the police believed MJ is reformed.

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I’ll live with the consequences. Why did he GET the mind-reading ability? More than 10 feet above the ground. HS is an actress.

But he asks the police specifically for a district change. I download every episode at this certain channel at dailymotion though: Did the fish and waves take away the whole body but leave the hand alone? It wasn’t mentioned in the last ep’s recap, I only read it in Viki’s subs.

I’m not entirely happy with youg amnesia plot but I guess it happened to make Suha question what kind of person he really is? It was so perfect. Usually i’ll watch epi 1 of all the new dramas to see if i like any! Thank you yoru much.

I personally do think that she does like him but she doesn’t want to accept it. I’m de-lurking for a bit because this is something that’s nagged me. I’ve loved everything the show has done so far, despite what it’s done for my nerves.

He’s so young and so bright and so god damned perfect–I need him alive, show! I don’t think I can ever look at KW the same anymore after what he did. Pretend to be dead, and set up the other guy to take the blame for Murder that never happened. I hate the idea of Su-Ha being that brutal. Isn’t it the same for Su-ha too? But there’s episose few clues left by the show on Soo Ha’s yourr so far: She is two floors up.


Hye-sung shocks her as she blurts: Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. AuntieMame June 27, at But I’m also joining you in the ocean.

I loved that she initiated so much of it this episode, in particular with Su-ha. Agree with you on all your points, and i feel most strongly about your epieode. It’s not that it’s a slow episode: And I liked him from the start anyway.

I was half expecting another car wreck just to justify the return of his memories, but fragmented memory recovery via deus ex machina is fine too. But he didn’t know.