There are lots of surprises in many shows this week, so be sure to catch your favorites! Meanwhile, it is revealed that Ginka was able to defeat her counterpart and break free from the dimension she was trapped in thanks to Akari. The first episode has a big handful of characters from the Fate franchise, and the star this time is Ilya, a soon-to be magical girl. Episode 15 Izuru has fallen into a coma after pulling off a mecha berserker mode that would make Id from Xenogears jealous; but the real concern comes when Izuru wakes up as a badass. We also do learn that she was something of a troubled woman- the whole conversation about Akari’s dead mom seems like a really strange one to have when Yukari is, you know, right there. Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou.

And now we’re just getting into edgy bullshit. Now that Misaka knows the Diagram Tree was already destroyed gee, I wonder how that happened? We must watch and see my friends… Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi: He quickly learns that Shinku is an adorable, yet harsh mistress, whom has a zero-tolerance policy towards shit tea. Episode 13 Episode 12 Episode 11 Episode Like x 5 Informative x 1. They hug, and Akari notes the bloody gash on her mother’s arm, but her mother simply tells her to ignore it.

Symphogear is amazingly fun, and this second season has fans around the world excited.

Driven further by the Daemonia’s influence, Kiyone begins killing more of the people who had looked down on her, at which point Akari and the others are called to face her.

Seriously, dude couldn’t be more ominous if he was sporting a goatee.

Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou Episode 7 Review — Day Off

However soon a new crisis emerges- the Tarot mansion is on fire! Until you remember lets just say she is one fabulous anime girl with headphones. Gray-man 1 User 11eyes 1 User Shugo Chara! It’s got a good beat, and I like the vocals, their really smooth without being penera.

There’s really no reason to kill off Fuyuna this early except to superficially raise the stakes. Akari gets mixed feelings about fighting Daemonia when she discovers that killing them also means killing the person they have possessed. Also confusingly, Akari seems to be Seira hesitates to finish her off, but Akari convinces her that because they hear the Daemonia’s voices, they must strengthen their resolve, allowing her to make the kill. Retrieved March 2, Within seconds of starting this episode viewers are gifted with the wonders a being a demon slave.


Picking up where we left off, Akari gives one girl her fortune about her love life and then we learn that it’s her job. The Revolution — El-Hazard: As Misaka rampages through yet another lab, Touma bears witness to the messy results of the experiment. Now Subaru and his father must face off in a battle of coaching tactics.

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The series is licensed in North America by Aniplex of America. Was there a timeskip? Aug 17, 8: Akari accepts her destiny, though choosing to respect the wishes of those who are possessed, to Etia’s approval. Learning that the Daemonia is Honda, Ginka uses Akari’s link to hear his thoughts, lamenting his weak heart. A volume collecting the chapters will be released along with a revised version of Scattered and Spilled Sands of Fate and a drama CD.

Genei brings out the big guns right off that bat by spewing out everything bad about what it is going all at once and expecting the audience to give a crap after everything is just carelessly laid out.

One night, Kiyone comes across a mysterious silver-haired fortuneteller named Cerebrum, who gives her a tarot card and tells her to be true to her feelings.

This was back when I typically gave up after a single episode if it didn’t appeal to me. Meanwhile, episkde is revealed that Ginka was able to defeat her counterpart and break free from the dimension she was trapped in thanks to Akari. This is the third and final film of the series; so many fans probably already know what horrors await them. Afterwards, Akari tells Seira about how she illuxioni hearing the Daemonia’s voice is important, while Seira confesses all of her insecurities to her.

Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou. And from what I remember, it really didn’t at all. Enjoy responsibly, my friends! Akari is playing with building blocks I It’s a bit late to start this tonight, but I’ll work on the first episode tomorrow or tonight if I can’t sleepthen I’ll be flying blind.


The story is about a socially awkward girl named Tomoko entering her freshman year of high school.

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Wait, if Akari could get in this easily We then cut to Fuyuna, and there’s this weird interference thing that happens, like on old TVs? March 22, [9]. It doesn’t help that the scene is so illudioni and overplayed. Alright, this is getting ridiculous. Episode 13 Episode 12 Episode 11 Episode Broken BaseApr 12, Ilya now has competition for the class cards, and like any other magical girl show, she is also the mysterious new transfer student.

Try to guess which one!

There is no rest for the weary, however, since the Wulgaru have returned for another attack on the mining colony. As the girls pitch in to fix up the party Vert botched by sitting around playing an online RPG, evil is brewing. This series was never known for quick pacing, but i has to be the worst story arc of them all. I’d expect something more of a tarot theme, given that Fuyuna is primarily irritated because Akari’s tarot makes her feel out of place.

Still reluctant to involve Ai in the mysterious world beyond her fallen village, the sudden appearance of someone looking for revenge forces him to take Ai along. As expected, nothing goes quite as planned, and time is running out. What better way to take out that frustration than by trashing another lab involved in the experiment? Touma has finally taught Accelerator how to live his life correctly, and he can finally return to soole unlucky life of being bitten by Index and punching assholes soel the sile wherever they stand.