Still don’t have subs? No particular rules on how they do it, they could force the “wolf” to make eye contact, or even kill the “wolf”. I dug this ova!!!! I almost want to see the manga.. OVA to work with, they should have provided some closure and left it open-ended, not this bullshit incomplete series that they wound up putting out. I really, really hope that this story gets an anime adaptation, it has a ton of story potential. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Goddammit why theres still no sub for this episode.

The part where Arisu was looking for them, and how Karube sneaked a peek, these small details really does bring forth the emotions. I feel like this would be even better if it was slower paced and turned into a full TV series, but I guess I’ll have to do with the manga now. BBCode When I’m fucked up that’s the real me. BBCode “There’s no shame in falling down Daniel ,Your sub was amazing i just watched it. Goddammit why theres still no sub for this episode. The three die and Karube’s cigarette sets fire to the garden. Run through the tape!

But this is still marked as finished for me. I feel like this would be even better if it was slower paced and turned into a full TV series, but I guess I’ll have to do with the manga now.

I must know what happens! Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. And about wishes of people to nk TV series adaption: If I remember correctly, the manga currently also enters the final arc. Is there anyone who agree with me?

Arisu made eye contact with Karube, and then Karube made eye contact with Shibuki.


He said that he even don’t mind if only one person survived, they could keep switching the roles til the time ends, and the one survived will continue to life for the sake of the others. I watched the first four minutes of that guys sub, then I took the translation that guy posted, and played the raws right next to it, so I could watch the raw and read the translation at the same time.

I might be crazy. Hope eveyone enjoyed it as much as I did. But the last episode is just I mean the beach has yet to come! It’s really cool, just like No Game No Life with blood: Fucked up story, just as I like.

I didn’t fully understand this part but basically she had to walk through a train; each compartment with it’s own gas mask filled with oxygen or poison unknown. I dug this ova!!!! I’m sold, what games does the diamond contains, and with each rising difficulty makes it very interesting.

Heart no kuni no Alice

Second, in 10 minutes, the device will exploded, except for the “wolf”. I hope it gets more. I know that many people don’t understand raws so I posted it as soon as I found it. In the face of those, you too will face your true self. There’s the episode’s translation http: She ran away, and Karube chase after her, and almost kill her. This needs a longer running adaptation: Imawa no Kuni no Alice Episode D Will read manga, but seeing animation would be cool.

The art was ok, nothing special, with a few flaws englisg and there. This game was way too cruel, how this game only worked out with a group like this, where the rules actually applied. Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.


Characters here are just so fun xD.

First, Chouta randomly selected as wolf, then he made eye contact with Arisu, so the role switched to Arisu. Yeah, I’m mirroring everyone else. He said that they should talk wnglish again, thinking the other possibilities to survive this game together actually there are no other possibilities, he knew it. Or is it only aired in Japan? An unexpected turn of events I can say that it’s one hell of the best introduction to manga!

Everyone who xlice talking how there are no subs for the episode, go and read manga instead! Chouta sympathizes with her and she with him. But til the end, the other three keep hiding, and only Arisu who survived from this game. If the producers knew they had a three ep. Been almost 2 months now and it’s still only in raw He told to Arisu that he felt so aliice because he’s useless.

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Check on nyaa torrents. I subbed part of the last episode. Please complete the rest!