Art work has a different value, even greater than other objects even though they are made from the same material. Here again a father forbids his daughter to go out taken from play C: Woto Wibowo aka Wok the Rock born is an artist with interest in multidisciplinary medium to create works and projects based on collaborative action. Yogyakarta, which is increasingly becoming a tourist and shopping destination, is no exception. Different types of lakons; structure Lenong lakons are generally classified into two categories: He apologizes for the lack of skill and experience of the troupe masih didalam didikan, etc. In addition, as far as time allowed, I collected data on the folk performances, through interviews and with the help of the officers of the Cultural Service of Bekasi and Tangerang.

When during the interrogations the police see Siti’s bracelet they suspect that she has connived with the thieves and stolen the bracelet from the wardrobe. The only complete example I have of those rarely understandable “purpose-songs” is taken from play E. There are 8 groups that have been selected to be part of Parallel Events to discuss general issues such as trashes, citizen relationship, water, housing, natural resources, and traditional art practices. He introduced various new approaches in the field of theater to public in Yogyakarta, so watching a play is not simply coming to a theater space, sit and talk, but also about how we experience the city, urban landscape, and also our encounters with others. Ghuggi’s career began with his appearance in several theatrical plays. With her recent work, she creates opportunities for audiences in public spaces children, students, workers, and government officials to respond to and voice ideas on social matters in Nigeria. Flags are potent patriotic symbols with wide varying range of interpretations. The kepala gerombolan Sukra plans to abduct Komala with his mates and to force her to become his wife.

In early s, Bourriaud coined the term relational aesthetic a term that is now commonity uded to categorize artistic practices that involved people. Nevertheless, certain actors usually play a certain type of role. A stage hand in sight of the audience, is manipulating the drop-wings.


The dines plays have their setting at the court e. The following has the form of a typical lenong song ; only the daughter’s words were audible taken from play C:.

berkepsla So finally, I actually projected the meaning of Agonism by misquoting the work of William Blake! Within the troupe, there is a difference of status, as appears from the distribution of the fee.

Gurpreet Ghuggi

This organization has explored creative and effective application in science, art and domedy. Each morning I set out to see what I can find. If one thing has flourished in the Environs, however, it is the folk performances see already Hooyman, ; also Pigeaud There must have been a mutual interaction between lenong and its predecessors and silent and sound film, e. A nice feature in the presentation is the mutual cooperation between the actors and the orchestra.

Residency program plays a vital role along the journey of Biennale Equator.

Sundanese disebutkeunor saya yang dikatakan I am acting the part of Even in the songs there is much improvisation see no. This means revealing his private life in the midst of a social existence, which also has within it elements of artistic life. In she was awarded for a prominent artist by Tempo magazine in Indonesia. I’m about two kilometres away from my work, I’ve only a little way further to go.

After graduatehe moved to Jakarta and worked as a digital imaging artist and photographer for Indonesian music magazine Trax Magazine.

OPENING STAGE OF BIENNALE JOGJA XIII; Traveling Across Eras: From Survivors of 65 to Senyawa

Of course, Ali Sara’s behaviour towards Rota Komala in B is felt to be shameful, but it is so because he is unwilling to help his own sister, and no protest against a wrong distribution of wealth is implied in the scene where she is driven off. Lenong in the environs of Jakarta: Don’t think if I say I’m a mandor that I am a village head; I am a mandor in charge of the stores. This probably refers to a turtle, whose cage is suspended on a high pole. Look at the trouble I’m in, while you’re well-off!


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In he co-founded an advertising agency, Srengenge Culture Lab, which focuses on product research which has strong cultural value. As such, the posters have been disseminated widely, and allow the connection of various modes of resistance in the city.

It belongs to both the Indonesian and the Jakarta Malay community. The curator will also become an active collaborator within this framework. Alongside the changed that take place in our society — including the development of information technology and the ways in which individuals connect with each other — the possibility for interaction that is created through art works and visitors has become increasingly diverse.

The lakon The following is a synopsis of three plays, E, B and A. They went to Lagos for cultural observation and started producing their works. Punkasila utilized four motorcycle engines to produce their music on the stage of Biennale Jogja. The performers are all orang Melayu, although many understand Sundanese. Anggun is a multi disciplinary artist.

Lenong in the environs of Jakarta : a report – Persée

It was, however, very much alive in the rural Malay speaking areas of Jakarta cf. There, he berrkepala confronted with a community uncomfortable with cameras, expressing their bitterness and irritation, which made filming difficult for Anggun.

Toni has explored numerous mediums such as painting, drawing, installation, performance art and participatory art to discuss political issues in Indonesia. He apologizes in advance for any mistakes and shortcomings of the production. Enter Sukra brekepala Arahab. Typically “the hero gains his victory Toni lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He has won various prizes, grants and residencies and is also involved in curatorial art practices in public spaces.