Maybe, we’ll get a pretty scene at the light house. Won pulls her into a desperate hug. It seems that they have been filming non stop and this is probably why we did not a get a preview. Ah,Young Do, so close and yet so far!!!! I will be trying to capture as much as possible while I am watching the episode. Dearie is worried about his friend! Am I the only one to notice this???

I will try hard for a way that will be closer to what you can understand. Park Shin Woo Stars: He figures the culprit has to be the owner one of the lockers he will ruin. I will embrace you only with my heart. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. Turns out Dad was playing Won and Tan just to teach them a little lesson of humiliation. And so does Tan.

So Eun Sang runs away. Drama Korea Sub Indo Drakorindo.

So YD asks Tan why he came, then. The order will go like this. I kept repeat it again and againlike a crazy person. Have a painless waiting ahead, fellows. Won warns Tan to not put his guard down. But i bet park shin and woo bin wud star in a drama in future.

The Heirs (2013) Subtitle indonesia [Download]

Darn SBS, how dare they keep us starving for Heirs without any preview! Tan gets up to leave too, but Won tries to stop him. Tan texts her to come out with her passport.


I of course hope that there will be a twist and of course KT and ES get their happy ending. The first time was the day when she was sleeping on the table and little kids came around yelling. Like mother, like son. Lucky Kim Tan, how many indwebster he actually kiss coz of this scene!

Its the only thing that is keeping me sane since episode 16 ended. I could tell a face of a girl who is attracted to the person in front of her. Yoon acts like a guardian angel to both Won and KT. He figures the culprit drma to be the owner one of the lockers he will ruin. I wish i can see that kind of love sparks between them vala, maybe in the future. Tan is back at the studio to pick up ES, but no heirx is there.

Dad will find ES. Tq joonni, here i could found so many heirs fans…. ES smiles and apologizes. Will it be enough? Are trying to make us go crazy? Simply natural and true!


Drama Korea The Heirs Subtitle Indonesia Complete DRAKORINDO – OPA7COM

Tan ends up back at the empty apartment, the last place he saw Eun Sang, smiling back at him. She gave up her freedom and the future that Jeguk High gave her for two more weeks with Tan. She is pretty but what makes her more appealing is her personality! YD calls him crazy, since he is basically leave draja sheep with a wolf. ES notices the dream catcher hanging in the window, and she starts to tear up.

Really obvious at the end of it, even shinhue responded.

Tan explains it is not. Drama korea exo next door season 1, drama korea exo next door seasons, download drama korea exo next door sub indo, download tge korea exo And Won is powerless to say anything back.