Shyam finds the legal papers hidden by Khushi. Arnav avoids her in office. Later, Lavanya tells Manorama about the allergy on her face. Shashi tries to retrieve Anjali’s number from Shyam’s phone. Arnav calls Khushi, who is nervous about talking to him. Meanwhile, Anjali is very confused about Arnav and Lavanya’s relation.

Khushi makes Nani happy by telling her about her plans to make diyas. Meanwhile, Arnav’s vehicle breaks down on the way to Nainital. Meanwhile, Anjali asks Khushi to tie rakhi to Shyam. Meanwhile, Arnav is missing at the London meeting. Arnav, however, convinces her to stay. Nani, however, insists Arnav to play Ranjha’s role. Arnav says he married Khushi to save Anjali’s marriage.

Shyam tricks Madhumati and Garima into believing that Shashi wants him to marry Khushi. Nani scolds Manorama for supporting Lavanya. Arnav sees the footage of Khushi setting off the fire alarms with her lamp lighting ritual. Later, Arnav mo Khushi for hurting him. Instead of getting angry, he allows her to take it and even removes mud from her eyes.

Arnav is devastated to see Shyam profess his love to Khushi. The contractor refuses to pay Khushi. Meanwhile, Shyam gets suspicious on seeing their grim faces.

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Shashi shows Shyam his driving licence and asks about the confusion over his date of birth. Ias believes him and plans to stifle him with kindness. Later, Arnav tries to humiliate Khushi by gifting her favourite necklace to Lavanya. Anjali misses Arnav on her birthday.


Shyam pretends to care for her and the baby. Later, Arnav is shocked to see Khushi’s video on his laptop.

Khushi and Arnav then plan to have a second go at convincing Manorama again. Is leads her away from such attention. He blames her for spoiling his laptop but Anjali takes the blame for it.

She asks him to clear the air with Arnav. Meanwhile, Khushi reads a message on the mirror and goes to the terrace to meet Arnav. How do they deal with this situation? Khushi’s lipstick and scented handkerchief leaves Arnav furious.

Shyam manipulates Anjali and buys an expensive watch at her expense. Manorama and Lavanya are tired preparing dinner.

Shyam jokes with Anjali about getting remarried. Arnav goes to Madhumati’s house to help Akash get out of the sticky situation.

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Khushi explains the disadvantages of a live-in relationship to Lavanya. However, Arnav blames Khushi for the troubles. Will he be able to find her? Everyone is shocked on seeing Arnav and Khushi as the newly-wed couple. He asks Khushi for her driving licence. Khushi tries to explain. Will the dance performance bring Arnav and Khushi closer? Khushi and Nanda Kishore wish to have desi entertainment at the party.

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Later, Arnav shocks her when he agrees to marry Lavanya in front of the guests. Anjali tells Arnav that Lavanya has sent him a bouquet. Madhumati discusses Shyam as a prospective groom for Khushi.


Anjali questions Arnav about his relationship with Lavanya.

Anjali welcomes them, but Nani still disapproves of Lavanya. Khushi rushes to return it.

Khushi disregards his threats and tells Anjali that Arnav had ordered her to go back to her parent’s house. He goes to her room and sees her having her lunch. Arnav sends Payal and Akash’s divorce papers to Khushi. Their conversation is overheard. Arnav, however, convinces her to stay. Payal talks sense into Khushi and requests her to complete the order so that they can get back Madhumati’s bangles from the pawn shop. However, Arnav intervenes and stops her from telling the truth.

She tries to get him to answer all her questions, but fails to do so.